Nothing New.

I kindly suggest for you too listen to the song from which this piece is inspired while reading ☺️

Nothings new- Rio Romeo.


I gently open my eyes, the same strong light shining on my face.

Im in the same grave I’ve been in for about a year, the roses on my tombstone are dead.

Should I tell them I’m still alive?

Why would I?

It’s much better to just stare at the sky from my grave.

So i always know whats coming.

The sky never changes here.

But it's so tiring, and boring sometimes.

Im tired of always looking at the sky, the same one.

Maybe i should try stepping out of the grave?

Maybe i should tell my parents i'm still here.

That my sister isn't the only child left.


No, that would be so hard.

And they probably wouldn't care.

I'll just stay here.

Stay here.

As always.

So nothing bad will ever happen...

So nothing new will ever happen.

Nothing new.

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