Red Stained Grass

It’s no fair. With every paddle I can feel the river working against me. I know its stupid to try and paddle against the river but I have to get to the other side. I’ll be safe there. Safe from who or what was chasing me. A bullet flew past my ear, I almost mistook it for a flying bug. An inch closer, and I may have had a double piercing. I was almost to the other side, I could almost touch the bright green grass. I dropped one of my paddles when I felt a sharp, burning pain in my side. My boat had hit the land at the same moment their bullet had hit my side. I crawled out of the tiny brown paddle boat clutching the side that had been shot. My vision was blurring. I sat on the green grass still holding my side, desperatly trying to stop my red blood from spilling. I saw the three- men? I saw the three men in their boat staring at me with their cartoon masks. A pink bunny, a purple dog, and a yellow cat were staring back at me with a fake, printed smile. I layed my head back on the grass. I was able to see all the colors at once as they all blended together. I could see everything at once… and then nothing. I layed there on red stained grass.

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