Villain Prt. 4

_Finn: 28yo man - the villain - grumpy_



_Eric: 32yo man- the villains assistant_


_May: 25yo woman - the hero - sunshine_



_Hanna: 25yo woman - hero’s sister/bestfriend_


He may or may not have fixed her bed. It wasn’t personal, he just needed to make sure his employees worked the best they could. And that’s what he did. He figured she might want lighter sheets that matched her personality a little more, but that’s all that was different.

He was walking to the tech room again. His face back to its normal scowl. The narrowed eyes and locked jaw. He was wearing his basic attire, black suit once and shirt. He walked into the tech room and was given the update. A little something about camouflage and door measurements, but he wasn’t paying attention much. May wasn’t there. Employees weren’t supposed to skip shifts.

After about thirty minutes of listening to the constant spew of information from his head tech, he nodded his head and turned to look for a Missing May. He was only concerned of a rebellion that’s all… he had no reason to want to see her again. Right?

He felt his gut pinch up as he thought of possible tragedies that could have occurred to her. Maybe she never even made it to her room.

His pace turned to an almost sprint as he made his way to her room Practically knocking the door down. His eyes scanned the room in a panic, just to find she wasn’t there.

What if she left? What if she realized he wasn’t at all the person to fight for after seeing a part of him she shouldn’t have.

The list of comers and goers wasn’t long, so it wasn’t hard to find Mays name under the, “goers” side. He walked right out the door. He had to climb up a metal ladder about 40 feet high but he didn’t falter once.

The light hit his grey eyes in a strong burst but it didn’t slow him down much. He was about to run when he heard heavy thuds to his right. He turned quickly, arms up in a defensive position.

He saw her 10 yards away. He approached her before realizing, was she breaking things? The trees seemed to have a few splinters and rocks that were very clearly once one piece, broken into many.

This being the thing he was best at, he joined in. He punched tress with his fists, and threw rocks at the trucks causing each one to break. He was almost happy enough to smile, and he did after one satisfying crack of a boulder.

He turned to face May, and saw she was crying. And it was not a happy cry.

“You have dimples.” She said, with no joy in her voice.

His smile fell and his eyebrows furrowed, “your crying… because I have dimples?” He said slowly, his voice lower than normal.

She laughed at this, but the tears kept falling, “No. I can tell you the real reason but then you would probably kill me.”

“Lucky for you, I’m low on techs so I simply cannot do such a thing. Tell me.” He wanted to stop her crying, however her could. If someone hurt her, Finn would personally whatever he thought necessary.

“What do I have to loose.”


She told him everything. Finns face seemed hurt, but understanding.

“So when I chose to warn you, I choose where my loyalty lies. And now, I can’t go back. And all communication I had with my family was cut off. So, yeah… you can kill me now if you want.” She really felt numb. Her family was such a big part of her life, that loosing them really seemed unbearable, “I was told that it is normal for me to act out of line. To go through some things.” She finished, whiling her tears with her sleeve.

“I lost my family too.” She looked up at Finn whose gaze softened on her. “When I was about twenty… three I think? I had a wife. My parents couldn’t care less about me, but she did. As did I her. She was… she meant so much to me. But your kind killed her. And what is worse, the hero’s said it was to stop a villain and it wasn’t a big deal. They make more villains than they kill, May. You are so much better off with out them. My wife, and my daughter. Her name was Finley. A mix of my name and hers. She was two. Two years old and she was murdered. While you were told it’s okay to act out of line when you loose something, I was told that I was being overdramatic, Even after loosing my _everything_.”

May went silent now. Quietly taking the story she was just told to heart. Her crying only intensified but it wasn’t for her, it was for him. She never questioned why he was like this, or why he would fight so hard to stop the hero’s. Maybe, the hero’s were the real villains. It really depends on who is telling the story.

“You were wrong to be with them. You were wrong to come here.” He said almost in a whisper, only she could hear. His voice low and gravely, but gentle.

But maybe she broke, because hearing him say that he wishes she never came there twisted something inside of her. And without a second thought. She slapped him. Right across the face.

“If I didn’t come here, you could be dead. I left everything behind to save you.” She stared him in the eye, his face unmoving as if he was about to break.

“Did you in joy that? That brief moment of power?” Finn said coldly, holding her gaze.

“Yes.” She answered honestly.

“My turn.” Finn said in a way that intimidated her, but didn’t scare her. Not in the slightest.

She braces herself for the slap, but it never came. Just a few seconds after declaring his demand, He crushed his lips against hers.

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