Why Am I A Hopeless Romantic

(^ I literally am thou-)

“Alright Connor, you know what to do.” Aaron says over the coms.

“Yeah yeah,” Connor says walking into the gala and adjusting his tie, “step one doneee.”


“Now time for me to swap codes and avoid a spy, how hard is that- LORD MARY JESUS!” Connor whispers loudly covering his mouth and turning away.


“Is it hot in here? I think it's like 100 degrees-” Connor rambles.

“Oh my gosh,” Aaron sighs, his facepalm heard from the other side.

“You didn't tell me she was hot?!” Connor says sweating.

“I did. You weren't listening.” Aaron chuckles at his stupidity.

“What? When?!” Connor ask confused.

“This morning- she's coming towards you!” Aaron warns.

- the woman walks over and taps Connor on his shoulder. Connor turns around slowly and smiles awkwardly-

“Hello Detective.” The woman says.

“Detective! Pfft I'm no detective!” Connor exaggerats, lying through his teeth.

“And I can't see your com falling out of your ear.” The woman smiles as Connor pushes the intercom in his ear.

-Meanwhile Aaron is banging his head on the table-

“Well I figure your here ruining my mission, Detective Jones.”

“Your- This was me and Detectuves Fritz’s mission! Miss…. Ummm.” Connor starts as Aaron groans.

“Agent Grace, Kennedy Grace. Maybe you should know the spys your trying to avoid.”

“Well- no one gave me information!”

-earlier that day…-

“The spy your avoiding is Agent Kennedy Grace. She is hot but she is dangerous.” Aaron explains as Connor plays with puzzles.

“Uh-huh yeah…”

-back to present-

“Please! Detective Fritz is not stupid.” Kennedy says.

“Fine! Maybe he did and I didn't listen, but this is my case!” Connor says getting closer.

“Maybe, but it all depends on who solves it, first!” Kennedy says booping Connors nose.

“Wha- don't-” Connor stutters swatting her hand away.

Kennedy leans into his ear, “Get in my way, and I will kill you.” She kissed his cheek and walks away leaving Connor speechless.


“Well shit.”

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