Descent Into Darkness

It started with colors

Blues, greys, green,


And it’s not always clear

What’s up or down

But kelp orients us back to

The light

Curiosity takes us deeper

But as we descend

Clarity ends

A blue world on top

Instead of green below

Adding weight

Building pressure

Our bodies say no

There’s nowhere to go

But down

There’s nowhere else to explore

When you never feel right

Deep black

Once you’re there

You can’t go back

Swallowed whole by how everything

Is nothing

Demons pounce in the dark

No wonder the fish don’t go

Too far below

The sane aren’t willingly swallowed

By endless night

Crushed by the void

Turns out that the urge to explore

The darkest depths of the sea floor

Isn’t drive, it’s desperation

Nothing more

And those who said to buy a tank for your darkest thoughts

Were right

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