Why do they deserve anything?

December 6th, A day in history that will never be forgotten. I sit on my bench, in the front porch of my small blue house. My house sits at the very end of the street, over looking the forest, that has now grown into a mess of trees. I sit and think about this day, a day that has shaped the history of our world. I feel a buzzing in my pocket, i reach into it and grab my phone.

"Hey sweetheart, it's mom."

"Yeah i know mom, that's kind of the point of caller ID". I chuckle lowly, as she joins in.

"Yeah i guess so, hey so i know todays kind of hard for you, it is for all of us honestly. Your Uncle Jack is gonna have a small get together at his house later, just in case you wanted to join in on our festivities".

"Uncle Jack is so predictable, of course he's throwing a party, I bet it turns into a man hunt by the end of the night. Unfortunately I don't think i will be in attendance".

"Yeah i assumed you wouldn't want to come anyways, i just thought I'd ask. Honestly it is such a disgrace that this is even a holiday. I mean do you really need a whole day to celebrate abomination"?

If anyone hated this holiday with a passion is was definitely my mom, and my uncle jack. I don't particularly agree with the Holiday but i don't share the same anger as they do.

"Hey mom I've got to go, but ill check in with you guys later. I love you".

"I love you to sweetheart, be safe tonight".

I hang up the phone, and start to hear laughter come from the house next door.

"Alright, Tonya put your coat on, it's still a bit cold outside".

I watch as my neighbor gets her kids ready for the Holiday. I watch as they walk to the car and get in. I watch for so long she eventually meets my eyes, now were both staring at each other. Are we all made in Gods image? If that is so then why is everyone so angry, why has my mother always taught me to hate instead of love. They're not people, and this Holiday is ridiculous. I walk back inside, where i find my husband making coffee.

"Hi, honey. How did you sleep"?

"Okay i suppose, hey so i think later on this evening me and the guys are gonna go out and patrol the area, just to make sure everyone is acting orderly, and getting along. So its gonna just be you here tonight, okay?"

He looks at me for reassurance, I nod my head slowly and look away. He's always leaving, it's as if he hates being here with me. I hate being here with me.

"Hey, ill be back tonight," He grabs my face making me look directly in his eyes, he then grabs my hands. "We can watch a movie when I get back, and relax, and just enjoy each other".


He pulls me in for a hug, that i can't seem to leave, we sit there for what seems like forever, but when he pulls away i want nothing more than for him to come back. I watch him walk down the hallway and disappear into the bathroom. Again I'm stuck with my thoughts, they always seem to turn so negative. Life would be so much better if this Holiday didn't exist. Why do minorities need a whole entire day to celebrate there success. As if they don't rub in our faces everyday! A day for what? Mockery. It's honestly ashamed that we even entertain such a silly day. 'Indigenous Appreciation Day', who even made up that title?

I laugh to myself as i think about it. George walks out of the bathroom in his bath towel, with shaving cream still sitting on his beard. He looked so handsome.

"Hey hon, have you seen my razor? I swear i put it back in the shower but it's not there"

"What do you think about this day, we've only been together six months, we've never spent this Holiday together before". I look at him, as i watch him think about his answer.

"Honestly, i like this Holiday. I think it allows us to realize how far minorities have came, what they've come from, and how far they can go. If we weren't so mad at them for wanting to celebrate i believe this could be a day of union instead of separation".

I already knew how George felt about these things, i knew he didn't carry the same hate in his heart as i carried in mine. Ultimately that's why i chose him.

"How do you feel about it". He ask as he stares at me while i think.

"I don't know honestly, I've been taught to hate this day. That they don't deserve a celebration, that all of this is nonsense. We have to put an end to this before it gets worst, before a day becomes a month, and a month becomes a lifetime. Honestly i don't even know how I feel. I guess i just wonder why does it even matter so much"?

He stares at me, as if he were trying to read my soul. He doesn't say anything, he just stares.

"When i was younger my best friend was a black man, we hung out everyday after school. We stayed out until he had to go inside. That was my favorite time of the day, because he made me forget that my life at home was actually shitty. When i would go home.. Well lets just say i hated being home. One day.... My mom." He stops and looks down at his hands. "My mom actually overdosed, and i found her laying in her bed. At first i was confused, but it didn't take me long to know what happened. I was 10 at the time. I ran to my friend, his name was Benjamin, and i told him what happened. He told his folks, they contacted the cops, and soon after that I was placed into the system. I stayed in the system for 2 years before the state allowed them to adopt me. They fought for me, when they could've let me become apart of the system. They welcomed me into they're family, and ultimately made me who I am today. This day is a great celebration, and should be enjoyed. Not hated, but yet we hate, and antagonize, we burn and destroy and for what? Because we can't accept them?". He stops, and looks at me in my eyes. "They are people to, and they deserve everything you deserve."

I look away, confused, but also angry. Sad, and unsure of who I am and who I was raised by, what do I stand for? I get up and walk away from the conversation. Finding myself in my room, I sit on the bed, drowned by thoughts. My family is going to go and destroy those peoples homes while they celebrate, My family is going to laugh at there pain, as i stand by and allow it to happen. Silence is approval, and I always stay silent.

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