Worst personality… hmm…

Let’s find out.

Lay me down.

Cut me open.

Take a look inside.

Let’s see here…

What’s this dark, small thing?

Ah, her heart. I see.

What’s this? It’s… a shadow.

And it’s-


Put that back.


Sorry. Didn’t mean to yell.

That’s my demon.

Put them back.

More swarm, piling out.

Bees from a hive-

Spirits from a host.

I scream and writhe.

They’re all the sanity I have left.

Stop it- no.

Don’t touch them.

Listen to them…


Hear them whisper?

So do I.

Feel them claw?

Me too.

Feel their eyes on you?

So. Do. I.


Hush, hush.

Now they’ll chant-

“End it all.”

My worst personality;

my demons within.

Watch them bubble with laughter.

Haha, so funny now.

I’ll roll with them.

Fake smile, cheeeeese.


Wouldn’t it be so much better-

If my demons would leave?

Maybe so.

They’ve tried it…

Haha… but I came back.

I came back hard. Violent.

I came back bold. Vengeance.

Sit by, watch me scream.

Stand by, don’t touch them.

Watch them crawl-

Spiders in the attic.

Mind is webbed;

Watch them feast.

Kill my demons.

Take them away.


What if-

Their host…

Is a demon… herself?

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