Bleeding Hearts Pt 2

“ I don’t know why. I just couldn’t help myself. I mean…look at you Zach.” Aiden murmurs, as she sits on the bed, drinking from my mug.

In my lair.

In my bed.

“ It still doesn’t answer that…you practically shoved yourself onto me and…” my thoughts become hazy as warmth spreads rapidly onto my cheeks.

Aiden mumbles a small ‘cute’ before answering. “ Well, I already did. You and I have been playing this game of….let’s call it avoidance. I wanted you. And now, I got a taste.” Her lip curves into a smirk, eyes swirling with mischief.

Setting her tea down to the nearby nightstand, she crawls towards me, eyes heavy. I stare, motionless as her face is nearly inches away from my own

My breath was caught- I couldn’t breathe. How does she-

“ And since I got a taste, I want more…” her eyes held so much emotion, I’m light headed. She has me pinned against the bed frame, her cool eyes meeting my frantic ones.


She backs up, giggling uncontrollably.

“ Look at you! Some smooth talking making you all flustered and bothered. Ha- you’re such a subm-“

As quickly as I could- I cover her mouth.

“ You can call me many things…but you will not call me that…”

Her eyes flash hurt, until they mix. Conjuring.

Before I could pull away to explain I wasn’t upset with her, this girl had the audacity to lick my hand.

I sat there, contemplating life as she bursts out laughing.

What did I get myself into?


“ Now, crack the eggs into the bowl darling…”

Aiden nods, for once obeying. And plus, calling her ‘darling’ has gotten more comfortable for myself within the morning we spent together.

“ Remember, be more gentle this time. This isn’t a villain needing to be pounded in.”

“ Mmm…maybe you would like that Z”

My face flushes hot, trying to focus on the recipe in front of me. Who knew that one of the top hero’s was such a….flirt?

Or tease? What is even the difference?

Glancing to my side, I see her perfectly crack both eggs, putting them into the silver bowl.

“ Now the…vanilla “

“ Already got it Z. What are we making anyways?”

I hand her the measuring spoons, as I go to the stovetop.

“ Do you want waffles or pancakes?”

“ Ooo, uh. Hm…what do you want Z?”

I look back at her, her eyes soft and gentle. As my back was turned, I see she poured the flour along with the rest of the dry ingredients, however…

This was my moment. My chance. I’d be a fool not to take this

“ I’m asking you, sugar…” I say, facing her

“ Sugar? Pfft- why sug-“

It was my chance to cut her off.

I pull her close to me, wiping the stray flour on her cheek.

“ Well…you taste like sugar. Is that so wrong to call you?”

Her eyes shine bright, with her cheeks flushed.

“ I-Z stop it. This isn’t fair!”

“ It is fair, Sugar. Alls fair in Love and War.”

She puffs her cheeks out, crossing her arms



“ will do, my darling.”

Silence envelopes the room as I prep the waffle maker. Every now and then, Aiden peeks over to see what I’m doing. Eventually, we have both our servings of waffles made, with us sitting in the living space with our plates present.

“ Well, how is it?” I ask, fidgeting with the couch. Ever since I did…whatever that was, she’s been quiet. Behaved. Is she upset at me? At what I said? She is like sugar though- personality wise. Was it too much? What if-

“ You’re overthinking things Z- it’s amazing. Did you not think I would enjoy it?” She looks at me.

“ I…I wasn’t thinking of that actually. My food is decent- no wonder why you are still here.” I chuckle, cutting the waffle into a smaller piece to chew on.

“ Well?” She sets her fork down, pushing away the tray table. She moves closer to me, holding my hand.

“ Speak up”

“ Well…I just…”

I’ve already shown vulnerability, so why is this so difficult?

“ I…I’m sorry…are you sure you want to be with…me?”

Her gaze softens, grasping onto my other hand.

“ Why would you say that, Zack?”

“ I….I’m a villain. Looked down upon. Just a unwanted, filthy, disgusting villain that…doesn’t deserve a happy ending. I’ve…hurt people and…I…I’ve never done this before and I just…feel like I can’t help you…satisfy…whatever you want from me.”

Tears shoot down my face, with Aiden watching. Her eyes…

Those eyes are so…

“ Zack…you’ve never hurt anyone on purpose during our fights. Even if they do get banged up…I see your eyes. Those cunning, caring eyes. And I chose you for solely that reason. I don’t understand why you’re a villain, but you aren’t a good one.”

I stare at her, taken aback.

“ I don’t mean you like suck, we’ll you do but- not the point. You aren’t meant to be a villain, Z. And I chose you because you aren’t going out of your way to hurt others. And…you do realize this is my first relationship as well, right?”

She grips onto my hands, caressing my thumb with her own.

“ I might be a flirt and can go too far but that’s who I am. You seem to enjoy it too, so what’s wrong with that? Just shows that I’ll be taking the lead in this relationship.”

She smiles, closing the space between us.

“ Admit it, Z. You’re stuck with me. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. You aren’t just any weird, rude, villain.”

She lightly kisses my nose, then shoved her lips onto mine.

I let out a grunt, falling back onto the couch. Aiden’s on top of me, a huge grin plastered on her face.

“ You’re my villain. And a sweet one at that.”

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