Story Start!

I don’t know if I will continue this, it depends on how ppl think of it! Just an idea, but if anyone thinks I should maybe I will!


Her hands tighten around the lever, pulling toward her. Sweat beaded around her face and neck, but she had to keep pulling. Still holding the lever with one hand, she reached over and push a few buttons, hearing answering beeps in return.

Occupied with the control panel in front of her, the meteor flying into her ship came as an unwelcome surprise. Flung out of her chair and onto the floor, she struggles to stand and dust herself off. Blood drops from her knees, covering the floor under her with sparkling ruby tears.

The control panel flashed. She swears. The ship just took a direct hit. She was going to have to land if survival was wanted. Pulling up her star map, dread filled her eyes as it has been realized that the only planet close enough was… oh no. Zappa.

Zappa, the planet where she had been raised. The planet she had lived at for the first 15 years of her life. The planet where she had been accused of murder.

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