The two stand in the hallway across from me, and as soon as I see their faces I run towards them.

“Lily, Emma, I’m so glad you’re ok!” I’ve only been working with them for a week, but I’m already starting to know their weaknesses. To bad I don’t have any more time to learn.

Lily hugs me, and I recoil back. Giving a nervous laugh I explain, “My arm got hurt, sorry.” I smile at her, hoping she’ll believe it. It seem as if she doesn’t even question it.

“Do you know what’s happening?” Emma asks me quietly.

“How would I know?”

“That wasn’t what I asked, was it?”

Is she onto me? Does she know? Oh great, did someone blow my cover? Just smile and pretend you have no idea what she’s talking about. “No, I have no idea what’s happening!” The power goes out.

Now’s my cue. Lily and Emma are both in ropes by the time the lights flicker on again. Lily has frantic eyes.

She still hasn’t caught on it seems, I think, as she asks, “Can you get us out of here Alex?”

“Are you an idiot? Alex is the one who tied us up!” She glares at me. Maybe it would mean something if I were the one tied up, however, her glare means nothing anymore.

Lily starts begging. “Please don’t leave us here, we’ll die if we stay! you don’t have to do this!”

“You traitor. I thought you were our friend.” Emma looks disappointed, but not surprised.

I grin as I’m walking away. I glance back at them struggling in the ropes one more time. “Sorry, I have other friends. Besides, I’m not a traitor. I was never on your side.”

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