live to prove them wrong

she said kill yourself, i said

i tried.

she said you’re a whore, i said

i know.

she said you look wretched, i said

i see.

he said cut your wrists, i said

my knife is dull.

he said you’re too fat, i said

i’m starving.

he said try being nice, i said

fuck off.

they said do better, i said

i’m trying.

they said work harder, i said

i’m trying.

they said think smarter, i said

i’m trying.

the bottom line is

when day fades to night

and you collapse into your bed

with stinging arms

and a growling stomach

it doesn’t matter what

he said

she said

they said

what matters is

waking up

to see



and proving all the haters


-edgaress allan poe

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