What once was broken,

You’ve mended, awoken.

What once was shattered,

You pieced back the tattered.

What use to be dark and dreary-

Now bright, but no longer cheery.

You’ve been there-

No, it’s not fair.

I don’t deserve you.

But together we grew…

- Thank you, my love.

Truly an angel from above.


Desperate, I was…

Needed someone to be there.

One day I jumped from the high.

I waited for my red blood to spill.

It was you.

It’s always been you-

You picked me up.

Limbs torn and

my brain shattered.

Cracked and bloody,

there I laid, hurt.

How could someone

love something as

broken and lost

as I once was?

You picked me up.

Mended my soul.

Shades of grey and black.

Ashes fell, swirling in the mist.

But still;

You were there.

And here you rushed-

To my aid…

Forever by my side. 🖤

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