Giving You Up

Soccer practice just ended

Im walking towards the exit

Laughing with friends

I see you

I remember what we used to be

And what we are now

I remember you said to never talk to you again

I said something i shouldnt have

I still love you

I walk over

Making sure to be kind and smile

I wave

You look away

I get to my car

I cry

And cry

By the time im done

The suns going down

I get home

I remember

You treated me like shit

All through our relationship

You were manipulating me

And using me

I should hate you

And i do

I realize that

Just because you were nice to me before

Doesnt make you a good person

Because you are a shitty human

With no self esteem

So you hate others

To make yourself feel better

So im letting you go

On your own

So you can hurt someone else


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