Day 15:

I know I only have borrowed time, the government could find my lab at any moment.

This is for the court for when I’ll most likely be captured.

My boss at home will understand, oh right *laughs* He fired me, I forgot, what was the reason anyway? From memory it had something to do with the risky and “inhuman” expirements.

Anyhow, I’ll make the most of it, I just need four more weeks and people will finally understand these things are more than what people think they are.

Maybe then, people will understand why we started this war against them and stop with their “sympathy” for them.

But however, right now my test subject isn’t very compliant and he finds the most inventive ways to escape.

Of course, all in vain nonetheless, he’s asleep currently but today he shows little development.

After sawing his wings off for study I’m disappointed to see that unlike the popular belief, they do not grow back their wings.

However, they do make good decoration.

Day 16:

The test subject keeps insisting to be referred as “Gabriel” the name his kind gave him.

Correction, he says it’s his “parents” so very interesting how this species works.

The subject has not given any vital information about their culture, but says that they certainly do not consider or call themselves “Angels” as we’ve been classifying them under.

The humanoid species is very dull and show no signs of divinity other than their wings and blood.

Day 17:

Mission for food was a success.

However the government may be closer than I thought. We’ll have to move elsewhere.

Day 17:

I am freezing in a makeshift lab in a abandoned warehouse in Alaska.

The test subject is laughing at me and trying to escape as always.

The government nearly found me, but that’s besides the point.

Most of my things was left behind. Fortunately I’ve managed to bring many of my tools.

Day 18:

I finally did it! *laughs* I did it!

They’ll believe me now! The test subject is unconscious.

The FBI is surrounding the building, when they find this, and see what I did, I’ll be pardoned! *Laughs again*

Day 19:

So, this was the log that crazy man always talked into, he’s pretty dead right now.

*Sighs* I’m so glad this is over, and hearing over his logs, this man truly was gone.

The government has me in questioning for now, but I’m back with my parents again and this is probably the best day in my life.

I never thought I’d be back home.

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