Miami Forever

Sandra Houston checked her phone for the third time in the last five minutes. She was nervous and excited at the same time. She had just landed in New York, the city of her dreams, where she hoped to start a new life as a defense attorney. She had left behind everything she knew in Miami: her family, her friends, her old identity. She had undergone a gender reassignment surgery five months ago, after years of struggling with her gender dysphoria. She had always felt like a woman trapped in a man's body, and now she finally felt free and happy with herself.

But not everyone was happy for her. Her best friend Yannick Jamieson, who had been her only friend since her arrival in the USA 16 years earlier, had rejected her new self. He had accused her of betraying him, of lying to him, of being a freak. He had cut off all contact with her, and had even tried to sabotage her career. He had spread rumors about her among her clients and colleagues, and had made her life a living hell. She had lost most of her cases, and had been fired from her prestigious law firm.

That's when she had received an unexpected phone call from Taylor Michaels, a renowned defense attorney in New York, who had offered her a job at his firm. She had heard about Sandra’s situation, and had admired her courage and talent. She had told her that he was looking for someone like her, someone who could bring a fresh perspective and a passion for justice to his team. She had also told Sandra that she was understood what she was going through because her best friend was a transgender man. She had assured her that she would be welcomed and respected at her firm, and that she would help her settle in the new city.

Sandra had accepted the offer without hesitation. She had seen it as a chance to escape from her past, and to embrace her future. She had packed her bags, bought a plane ticket, and left for New York. She had no regrets, only hopes. She was ready to face any challenge, any obstacle, any enemy. She was ready to prove herself as a lawyer, and as a woman. She was ready to write her own story.

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