Hell Is Here

“I can’t believe I let you drag me into this!” I remarked to my friend. We looked around the callous and eerie woods around us and stuck together as we treaded the path back to her cabin.

“I’m sorry ok!” She uttered more focused on the path than me. I shivered as the wind blew up and through the trees. Nothing but pitch black could be seen past the light of our phone flashlights. An ominous feeling surged through me for a moment. It perceived to me that me and my friend might not be unaccompanied in this treacherous forest. I paused for a moment on our walk to the cabin.

“Ava, I have a weird feeling,” I explained glancing from all sides to make sure no one was going to sneak up upon us.

“What do you mean?” She asked intrigued in a nervous manner.

“I feel like we aren’t alone. Like someone is here,” I kept observing the woodland to make sure it was just us.

“No, stop, you’re scaring me! Let’s just hurry up and get back to the cabin!” Ava insisted, making her pace even quicker. I peered upward at the moon beaming its luminous glow upon us. Soon I finally settled down from my cautious position and relaxed a little more. For quite a while we just strolled along the path but after a moment of silence we saw a large flock of birds soar up from the tree tops due to some disturbance unknown to us. Sounds of twigs breaking and snapping caused a sense of fear to jolt through mine and Ava’s body. We raced towards the cabin in terror of what could be behind us. Our hearts seemed to beat quicker than our feet could hit the ground, and our breath shallow as we sprinted. Not paying attention to how quickly we made it to the cabin we hardly noticed the lights were on inside yet no one but us were supposed to be there, we still opened the cabin door and sealed it closed. The lights started to waver and a sound of screeching afflicted our ears. All of the sudden the blackness of the night consumed the cabin and we could see only a void the farther our eyes peered through the house. We beat our phones to get the flashlight to work but nothing seemed to change. We stood there for a mere minute before the screeching noise stopped and Ava’s phone flashlight started to operate. She shone the radiance of the light in front of us and instead of screeching I heeded the sound of screaming from Ava.

“Mia! Watch out he’s coming towards you!”

“Who? I don’t see anything! I don’t see anyone!” I exclaimed. The light from her flashlight turned off and all I perceived was a scream and the crunching of her bones. The last thing I heard before hell was the whisper of satan himself.

“It is time Mia,” he murmured. “Hell is here.”

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