Broken Leg

(Um, this is something I’m considering writing about for an assignment, and I was wondering, if anyone sees it, if they could give their feedback on what I have so far. I would really appreciate that. I know I suck at describing setting, but any advice at all would be helpful).

(This is the first draft).

Sarah sighed with contempt as she heard her parent’s car door shut. Repositioning her crutches, she hobbled down the smooth cement and into the doors of her school. She didn’t like having a broken leg, she knew that much, but what she hated even more was her parents forcing her back into her confinement. Bent forward slightly, she struggled through the long, wide hallways, looking for her locker. After some searching, she found it next to her friend James’ bright blue box. Having to use both fingers to pry it open, her crutches clattered to the floor. Sarah pulled out her science textbook before realising she had no way to carry all the others.

“Hey! Sarah!” Called an energetic voice from across the hall.

Turning as gracefully as she could, which was not very graceful at all, Sarah was met with the bubbling image of James, his hands flailing in wild greeting, walking quickly towards her.

“You’re back!” He said, bending down to pick up her crutches.

“Yeah,” Sarah grimaced. “I’m back.”

“You looked terrible in the hospital.” James commented, handing Sarah her props.

“Wow, thanks, James.” Sarah replied.

“No, I just meant-“ he was interrupted by the loud slam of a locker door. A few feet away stood Sarah’s other friend, Chloe. She stared at the pair of them, mouth open in shock, before rushing over.

“Sarah! You’re back!” Chloe squealed, bouncing on her feet.

“Yeah, I love being here already.” Sarah said, trying to balance on her uninjured leg.

“You’ve missed a lot of homework,” James squeezed past Sarah and digged around in her locker.

“Yeah, I know.” Sarah hopped once, lurching forward, hoping to make it to her classroom’s door. Chloe moved and pressed her shoulders against Sarah’s, offering support. Slowly, with James trailing behind, carrying Sarah’s books, they made it to her class.

“Thanks, Chloe. Thanks, James.” Sarah leaned against the Science room’s door, shuffling so other students could get by.

“D’you want me to place these down for you?” James asked, nodding to the books.

“No,” Sarah said. “I’ve got it.”

“Are you sure, Sarah?” Chloe looked her friend up and down, concerned. Sarah couldn’t blame her for it, with her short blonde hair only half-combed, her awkward foot brace, and her sunken, sleep-deprived eyes, she was sure she looked terrible.

Sarah nodded, and her two friends slipped away. Crutching over to her seat, Sarah sat down and waited for her teacher. Getting lost in the mechanical process of class, Sarah’s thoughts wandered back to her accident. She had been walking home from school, mind far away, when all of a sudden, she placed her foot down and heard a shattering crack. There was a sharp pain, and Sarah had felt as if she had stepped on millions of fragments of glass.

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