“WHAT?!” Genevieve yells in disbelief. “What about me?!”

She stamps her foot in a rage. Why would they do this to HER. HOW DARE THEY DO THIS TO THEIR LITTLE GENNIE!

“Genevieve… I-“ Gabriella starts to say, but is interrupted by George.

“HAHA you brat! I get 1.5 billion bucks! So does Gabriella! And you-“ A laugh, “YOU DON’T!”

“This isn’t fair,” Genevieve whines. “Mother and Father loved ME! Not you guys!”

Gabriella plays with her long blonde hair. “I- I don’t understand it either. George, you have to agree with me, Mother and Father did not treat us with as much…” She looks for a word.


A dry chuckle escapes George’s mouth. “That’s a nice way to put it. Except for Ms. Favorite,” he points at Genevieve. “I wonder why she didn’t get ALL the money.”

Genevieve crosses her arms, glaring at her older siblings. “I SHOULD have gotten it all! Mother even said last week that she loves ME the MOST!!!”

“Maybe…” Gabriella starts, “Maybe the will was written before you were born?”

A scream echos throughout the large hallway, shaking the chandelier in above the three siblings.

“NoOoooOoooOOooOooooo!!” Genevieve screams. “They WOULDN’T!!!”

George pushes Genevieve. “They did. And it is all ours. You don’t even have a dime. Ha!”

Genevieve begins to get desperate. “Gabby, you wouldn’t- You can’t DO this to ME!”

“It’s not up to us Gen,” Gabriella shrugs. “I really am sorry.”

Genevieve falls to the ground, wringing her arms to her siblings, who before she would look down upon, hopelessly begging for mercy.

“At- At least lend me the house! Please George! Gabriella! I can’t live out there! It’s GROSS, and DIRTY, and really, um- GROSS!”

“One week,” George smiles, seemingly loving the entire moment. “One week to pack. And you get $100. That’s it. Then, you’re gone.”

One week?! Genevieve couldn’t believe this, and fell backwards in rage and disbelief. Gabriella would stop this, she-

Gabriella folds her arms across her chest, and looks down her nose at her. Her eyes were filled with rage, revenge, and tears. Genevieve gazed at her older sister, not knowing what would happen. But she hoped-knew. She knew her sister would protect her. Whenever George was unjust or rude, no matter how much she hated Genevieve, Gabriella would make peace between the three of them. Gabriella would let her stay. She would!

“Genevieve. You get a day. Pack. I don’t want to see your stupid face ever again. Live in an apartment. Or the streets. ACARDBOARD BOX for all I care. Don’t come crying either. No money. Goodbye sister,” Gabriella snorts. “And take the wretched rabbit with you.”

George squealed in excitement, as Genevieve choked a sob. Did Gabby and Geo really hate her? Well, this proved it. And they were kicking out Mr. Carrots? As her only remaining family left the room, Genevieve’s head drops in her hands as she sobs.

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