Two Broken Lovers

Things that shatter:




Trust - yours

Hearts - both mine and yours…


I broke your trust

It was my fault this time,

I know

Every night I lie awake

Staring at those old glowing stars

With insomnia. For your sake.

Wondering how things would be

If I said what I meant,

Then I would not have to plea

Sometimes I miss you and want you

To take me up in your arms and hold me

Until my worries are reduced to only a few

She said to stop thinking

About what could have been

It’ll only keep me sinking

Down into the depths of the pit

Where darkness lives and eats at me

Gnaws at my soul bit by bit

Grinding me into a fine dust…

She told me to stop spiraling too

I remember; this was about trust

Trust and bottles broken one after the other

With nothing left but

Two broken hearts, and two broken lovers

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