The Coffee Machine

I’ve noticed a new contraption has appeared on my kitchen worktop. I have no idea how it got there, I can only assume fairies are the ones to blame, maybe even the naughty pixies that I’ve definitely seen scampering about the garden.

Whoever designed it must have been slightly narcissistic, every surface is reflective but in a curious way where everything seems slightly distorted. My face appears bigger this way but I move it slightly and it gets smaller. Very odd. Must be the fairies trying to appear bigger.

Theyve left a page scrawled with instructions. I complete them as its written wondering what mystery will happen.

Fill jug halfway with milk, put jug under the little arm that sticks out, twist nozzle to activate steam into milk, keep an eye on the temperature you dont want it too hot, pour milk into cup, bang cup on counter to settle the foam. Put ground coffee beans in the filter and press them down, put filter onto coffee machine and place the espresso mug underneath, press espresso button, wait for espresso to pour and the pour the espresso into the hot, steamed milk.

I grab my mug of hot, milky coffee and take a long sip, the fuzziness in my head starts to clear.

Maybe it wasnt the fairies that left this shiny coffee machine, with each sip of the hot, sweet caffeine my memory comes back. I’d bought the thing last night and wrote myself instructions knowing that in the foggy morning haze I wouldnt remember.

Shame, I prefer the magic fairy option.

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