Now eveyone says, “If you could have one wish, what would you wish for?” But why not kill teo birds with ine stone? The brother to the question above is the basic, “if you had one super power, what woudl it be?”

But nobody ever talks about what would happen if thise dreams ever came true. Do they?

If you woke up to find your wish came true, who would you tell? How would you practice? What woudl you use the power for? Would you be good, or bad?

The questions dont seem to come to mind while making the wish, however. Only once they come true.

I gave it thought when It was tiem to make my hopes heard. And my final answer came out to be, “I wish to give anyone whatever super power they want, if I want to. This including myself.” It seemed reasonable enough, with not many loopholes posible.

But when it was granted, I ran my mouth. My first ability, allowed me to turn people real. To change fiction to reality. But I was not satisfied there.

Four kept asking for Triss,

Zade kept hunting adaline,

Alex paid investigators to find Ava,

Patch searching for Nora,

Jacks screaming for Evangaline,

And Aaron fought for Juliette.

And so on. So I asked for the ability to change people back. But I missed them, you see.

I brought them back to me, but this time, made them love me.

I win.

I talked of my gifts to those around me. And I was taken for interviews and interigation. Science labs amd schools.

But I was to hard to contain. Uncontrollable. At least thats what they called me. Numbing my ability to just a mere shell of what it used to be. Im drugged, im chained, and bow i live in this trusty place called Mind.

You see my mind is complex, it is easy to get devoured by thoughts in there. With years to listen and think very strange thinks, I found if you think hard enough, you can still grant a few wishes.

I could have wished to be free, but freedom in conditional. Do the best thibf i could think of, was to talk to you. Talk to you however you are hearing this.

Think of it as a courtesy. When you are granted the opportunity to wish for anything, wish for something meaningful.

And thise around you will turn against you in just a moment once you are doing better than them. They will chain your up and throw your away. And that is the best proof your get that you are, in fact, better.


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