The Girl In The Window

She was someone beautiful to see while walking by! She never seemed to be looking out the window but just in the window staring at a book or writing or listening to music, the window is where she felt free. Her hair was long, way passed her hips, she danced sometimes and I like watching her, hope that didn’t make me creepy but I couldn’t help myself. She had a way about her that intrigued me! I walked by her window every day just to see what new thing she'd be doing in her window. She is an innocent soul, I wished I could just get her to look at me from that window. She had a subtle smile, wondering what goes thru her mind. One day after four months of walking by, I sang a tune she had been listening to often and The girl In the window noticed me. She gave me a wink and a smile, so now I walk on by with a wave, while she smiles. Maybe one day I'll get her name and we can converse properly. But for now, I'll just wave to the girl in the window, she's as beautiful as can be and a mystery to me.

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