I Will

I will look up at the stars

And pray that we are

Looking at them at the same time

I will tell myself that I’m never alone

Wether we are one mile away or a thousand

You’ll always be in my heart

I will stay strong

No matter the tribulations

That may come my way

I will watch the waves

Crash on the rocks

Like we did so long ago

I will never forget you

Even when I’m old

And on my last leg

I will dance and sing

The way you’d want me to

And the way you taught me to

I will watch the sunset and sunrise

Just as we did

On our last time

I will stop myself from breaking

And shutting everyone out

Piece by piece I won’t falter

I will always love you

No one will ever compare

I fall hard and love even harder

I will always be waiting

Even when

the stars fall from the sky,

And only the oceans separate us,

And the rocks break from the pressure of the waves,

And even when the sunsets and sunrises are no more

I will

And that’s a promise

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