Far Below

So far below,

That is above;

Across the walk,

I fell in love;

Demons of dances,

Electrical fire;

Sadism clashes,

A cold empire;

As cold as December,

But further up north;

A change in the weather,

Brings a storm;

Maniacal fantasies,

await at the door;

Can I be good?

Just once more?

I slumber in darkness and awake with all sin.

A new day has started, with a devious grin.

While Razors of darkness, tear off all my skin.

I’m alone forever.

Stuck in the abyss.

Energies contorted, my one and only wish.

A cloud with no rain, would give me a kiss.

A welcome in wonder, of how I break out.

No time for the weather, no time for the clout.

A broad leaf has opened,

And started to sprout;

Thistles of roses,

Grow from the ground;

Release me.

Release me now.

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