dreams 🫢

haunted by a recurrin dream.. idk ig ill put a random kid in it and make him a dream ik its gonna be shitty lol

bobby cuz bobby is a funny asf name

he 50 n got no hair in a circle in the back of his head cuz that’s where you sling the rubberbands lmao frl though

alr now the story.. i swear its like grabbing materials from a shelf ion know what im doin so like.. talkin to myself in a box ? lol

alr again uhk

bobby who was literally scared of anything had a dream one night bro woke up sweatin and shit dude was like super hyped and shit dream had happen several times and he was freaked cos this time he felt the dream not juss saw

.. and yeah so thats what happened any questions ? No lol Im messin wit you dont kill me

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