Soccer Team

As i walk over to the bench

In my new, shiny cleats

I see the roster

Im playing striker

She’s playing midfield

Your probably wondering “who is “she”?”

Let me describe her

She’s perfect

Like a long day at the beach with your lover

Or a orange sunset on a plane as you fall asleep

Her face is like a picasso masterpiece

Her personality

As vibrant as a wildflower

Her kindness

Better than gandhi

The game begins

She passes me the ball

Someone trips me

The referee “doesnt see it”

I start getting mad

Its halftime

We’re winning,


I scored that goal

I highfive her

Theres two minutes left

The other teams goalie punts it far up the field

Someone heads the ball into the goal

My goalie misses it by an inch

I walk over and tell them its ok

The games done

It was 1-1

We’re doing penalty kicks

Im scared

She tells me it’s okay

I’m last for penalty kicks

They’ve made 4

So have we

Its all up to me

I give her a fist bump

I back up a few steps from the ball

I take a deep breath

I run slowly

Then faster

I can’t do this

She gives me a nod

I kick

Its going to the top right corner

The goalie dives to the left

My eyes light up

Most of my team highfives me

Just one stays back


She looks scared

Like she wants to do something

I walk over

“Are you ok?” I ask genuinely

She looks up at me

She smiles slightly

She hugs me

“I.. uh,” i stammer

“Brylee… i love you,” she says quietly

We both blush

“I… your parents won’t like that.” I say quickly

She looks sad

“Sorry! Uhh… I… I I’ve liked you for a while too,”

I say, smiling

She does too

I blush a little more

I kiss her

Then… i wake up

It was all a dream?

I guess she doesn’t like woman anyway

It makes sense

I cry

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