I’m Upside Down

As I lay in my bed, numb as stone

I hear my mother calling my name

I’m reluctant, but I get up

I’m walking, when I notice something;

I’m on the ceiling

I know this because I just walked into the lights

I scream

Nobody hears me

I continue walking

As I get to where the stairs should be

I see they are gone

In their place is flames

I see my mother

Calmly sitting in the fire

About to be engulfed

I run to save her

I realize there’s no chance

I begin to laugh

She’s always treated me like shit

Hit me and abused me

She’s an alcoholic, but that’s no excuse

I watch as her skin melts off her body

My smile bigger then ever

My eyes never leave this amazing sight

As I turn around

I see flames

Right in front of me

I don’t try to avoid them

Instead I walk into them

Thinking that death would be better then my broken life

I wake up

I cry

I lay in bed

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