My Dad Is A Tall Oval

My dad is a tall oval

With five gray spikes on his head

Blue dot tennis shoes

And a zig zag mustache

Beneath a triangle nose

My mom is heart-shaped,

A bit lopsided

Cheeks tinted rosy pink

Hands with twenty fingers each

And black curly-q hair

My brother is like a star

Pointed arms outstretched

Scribbled tie-dye t-shirt

A row of pearly whites

With an empty space for the tooth fairy

My sister is a crescent moon

With brown eyes the size of her face

Purple and gold striped legs

And Christmas tree earrings

That demand a bit of glitter

I am a tiny dot

Small and undeveloped

I look up at them all and wonder

If I will ever be a heart

A moon, a star, or a tall oval

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