He Shut The Door Wide Open

There’s a man out there who shouldn’t be this lost

He should know his way around the block a bit at this point you’d think

But maybe he didn’t think it was really happening and when I say it I mean life

This nigga knew not when to turn left or right or say hello or goodbye

He was the kindest person you’d meet but ten toes down was a phrase only mentioned by those sure of their path, right or wrong

He was scared of making the wrong choice so he thought no choice was better entirely

Inaction and the lack thereof bred complacency and a stay and see mindset

This nigga could make something rattle not shake

This nigga could think on his knees but not on his feet

This nigga could breath love into others lives but not his own

Seek guidance and light my child you’ll find a way

Even if you think I’m not worthy

I know you’ll say

It’s not my time nor right nor place

I’m sorry you don’t think so child

He couldn’t hear me as he ran and shut the door wide open

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