On July 27th, 2008🕯️

Dear My Shining Light,

On July 27th, 2008

As I looked into your eyes

So deep, so furiouciously full

I saw my future go up in flames

So deep, so furiouciously full

The flames burned

My unmade bed

My books left unread

My rotten casseroles

My shattered glass

Through all the speckless nights

They burned

Leaving only

Tinted quarters behind

Never have I seen

So many flames

Never have I seen

Such iluminous light

Oh how all these years of

Holding you close

And nurturing your flames

Has woken me from a deep sleep

So now the time has come

To embrace my emotions

And give you my last hug

And let myself set you free

So you can

Go out into the darkness

And let your flames

Bring that enchanting spark of daylight

To someone else’s darkness

Just like

On July 27th, 2008

Your flames

So deep, so ferociously full

Brought that

Enchanting spark of daylight

To mine🕯️

Love you forever,

Your Mother


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