Artificial Stupidity.

A world of Wi-Fi wonders and emoji snogs

where digital parts prance in private blogs

I met a flame a digital delight

an almost lover glistering in virtual night.

Her pixels were poems her emoticons sweet

we'd LOL together our connection discreet

But in neural networks of likes and shares

I realised that in love we were binary pairs.

Her messages were cryptic like a well-coded game

I deciphered its symbols but no sense came

she vanished, a ghost in digital ether

leaving me lost, like a redundant feature.

In that smiley jungle my heart went astray

love in this 21st century a peculiar ballet

she left me hanging like an unsent text

my almost lover I’m perplexed and vexed.

No reply nor a read receipt

I pondered our love in this digital suite

In our binary forest my heart won’t recover

I sighed, defeated, "Farewell, my almost lover."

or an alternate last two lines ending for Valentines Day:

. . . . . . .

But in our hosted cloud our hearts can’t entwine

I sighed, defeated, "Farewell, my sweet Valentine."

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