To Love A Hunter Part 2


I didn’t realize she was going to tell me something so personal. I mean it doesn’t get much more personal than to confess your love to someone. At first I was shocked. I mean just moments ago she was trying to kill me, and now she was saying she loves me. I was surprised that I didn’t get whiplash from the 180 she just pulled on me.

I pulled away from Shaylyn my hands gripping her upper arms holding her about a foot away from me.

“Did you really mean that? Do you really love me?”

“Yes, with all my heart and every fiber of my being I love you.” she says and I can see the sincerity in her eyes.

I pull her in to a kiss, putting every ounce of love and joy I can into it, telling her with that one single action what I never could with words.


Then she was kissing me and I could feel the love and joy of it being poured into me; filling me up and threatening to over flow. I kissed back with just as much emotion. It felt like this kiss could last an eternity, but I had to breath so I pulled away, but did so extremely slowly making the kiss last as long as possible, then she pulled me into an embrace. “I love you too Shaylyn; I love you too.” Then suddenly the wind picked up billowing around us in a frenzy, whipping our hair and clothes around, a bolt of lightning streaked; ripping across the sky fallowed by the loud cracking sound of a thunder clap then the heavens opened up and released a torrent of ice cold rain on us, drenching us in seconds, causing our clothes to cling to our bodies.

“We should probably get out of this rain.” I suggest having to raise my voice in order to be heard over the turbulent weather.

“And go where? We can’t go to my place, and I doubt we could go to yours.”

“I know a place. It isn’t very fancy but it’s dry, and warms up quickly.”

“Lead the way.”


We climbed out of the fountain reservoir and left the park. We eventually ended up in the industrial part of town. She lead us to an old furniture factory that looked like it had been shut down for a few years. The building stood tall and black against the horizon, all the windows were boarded up and there were chains on the front doors, keeping people out. Shaylyn guided me around the side of the building and began to move a pile of old wooden pallets, revealing a window well and window leading into a basement. Shaylyn easily drops down into the basement then extends her hand out to me, although I didn’t need to I take hold of her hand anyway I enjoyed her warm touch, and she helps me down into the basement as well and then lead me further into the structure.

It was dark, but with my night vision that wasn’t a problem. It was clear that the place hadn’t been in use for quite some time and it smelled of moisture, dust and concrete. Eventually we came to a door, Shaylyn opened it and then fumbled around in the dark for something. It didn’t take much longer when she found what it was she was looking for, it was a box of matches. She took one out and struck it against the side of the box, it ignited immediately. She used it to light an old fashioned kerosene lantern before walking further into the room and began lighting candles using the flame from the lantern casting a warm glow around the room.

Looking around I could see that the room was relatively small; against one wall was pillows, cots, and blankets stacked up on top of each other, by the opposite wall there was noting but an old wooden drying rack and against the back wall was a old wood burning stove that didn’t seem like it belonged there. The door of the stove was missing and the pipe was bent and going through a hole that had been made in the back wall.

“Making the hole in the wall was the easiest part it was getting that thing down here that was the most difficult part; anyway as soon as I get this lit we can get these wet clothes off and hang them on the draying rack. I don’t have any spare clothes here, but I suppose we can just wrap up in one of the blankets.” said Shaylyn as she took some logs from a big pile stacked next to the stove.

“How did you find this place?” I asked.

“As a hunter I always do a recon anytime I’m in a new place, so as soon as I moved here I started scoping out the city for places I could use as a safe house incase I couldn’t go home for some reason…never thought that reason would be falling in love with a vampire.” she says as she puts the logs into the fire box of the stove and uses a fireplace match to light it. It wasn’t long before there were flames dancing in the fire box cracking merrily.

“Well guess we should get out of these wet clothes.” I said.

As I began to peel off my cotton jacket I notice that Shaylyn has turned her back to me and is covering her eyes and for some reason it makes me smile in amusement as I continue to undress. When I am finished I grab one of the blankets off the stack against the wall and wrapped it around me “Okay I’m decent.” I said.

Shaylyn opened and uncovered her eyes and turned around then she retrieved my clothes from the floor and begins to hang it on the drying rack.

“Guess it’s my turn.” she said peeling her leather jacket off “Could you please turn around and cover your eyes?” she asked before continuing to undress.

“Why? What am I going to see?” I said teasingly.

“Oh come on I did it for you.” she said with a glare.

“That was your choice, I didn’t ask you to and again, what am I going to see that I don’t have on my own body?”

“Draya please.” she said in a soft tone her voice sounded somewhere between defeated and pleading so I conceded, although I probably would have done so anyway.

“Oh, alright.” I say turning around, closing and covering my eyes but I can hear her moving as she undresses my enhanced vampire hearing panting a mental picture.

I hear her toeing off her shoes and dragging her sopping socks off, I can hear the soaked fabric of her tanktop sliding against her smooth flesh, can hear her gliding her drenched leggings and panties downward along her toned legs, hear the clasp of her bra unhook, the straps slipping down her slender yet muscular arms as she removes it, I can hear her lithe form moving across the room to retrieve a blanket from the stack and a few short moments later she speaks.

“Okay you can open your eyes and turn back around now.”

I do so and gaze upon her, some how every time I looked at her she looked beautiful even wrapped in old blanket.

“Could you please stop staring?” She asked sounding shy.

“Not staring…admiring, there’s a difference little hunter.”

“Who are you calling little?”

“Which one of us is the hunter? Also I am at least an inch or two taller than you and short hunter doesn’t sound nearly as cute as little hunter.”

“Does that make you the big bad vamp?”

“I’m not as big and bad as you and the other hunters make me out to be, in fact most of us aren’t.”

“Oh really? How many people have you killed? How many?”

I take a deep breath before I respond “Two, and that’s two too many.”

“Are you saying that you regret killing them?”

“Yes, I do. Is that really so hard for you to believe?”

“Yes…no, I’m not sure my whole life I was taught that monsters like vampires don’t feel remorse are incapable of feeling remorse and now all my beliefs are being challenged and proven wrong and I’m not sure how I feel about that.”

“Some vampires are like that, even some members of my coven are like that.

David…that’s our coven leaders name, he doesn’t condone killing, but he can’t always stop it from happening. When it happens the vampire in question is usually exiled from the coven, unless they are a fledgling…accidents happen and the hunger can be hard to control especially at first, but otherwise no killing no matter who it is or what the reason. So maybe in that way vampires aren’t so different from hunters.”

“I’m afraid that the others won’t feel that way; on both sides.”

“That’s true, Celeste already doesn’t trust you.”

“Serena thinks that my relationship with you is making me compromised and she might be right but maybe things aren’t as black and white as we were raised to believe.”

“Is going home even still an option for us?”

“Honestly at this point I’m not sure it’s not as complicated for you…or maybe it is I don’t really know.”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Hunters…we have laws against this kind of thing. Do vampires have any laws like that?”

“Not that I’m aware of…what would they do to you?” I ask concerned for her safety.

“I don’t know for certain I’ve only heard stories about it and I have no idea if those are true or just made up lies meant to scare us. The most lenient of punishments is being taken out of active duty and at that point you’re put in book keeping and records reduced to a glorified librarian.”

“And the most severe?”

“I don’t know…exile, persecution, shunned…at any rate it’s nothing good.”

“Would they physically harm you?”

“No I would most likely just be disgraced and disowned by my friends and family. I would have nothing and nobody.”

“You would have me.” I say offering a hopeful smile.

Shaylyn shakes her head “No, they would kill you.”

“That’s just if they found out, so we just make sure they don’t find out.”

“And if they do?”

"Then let's go somewhere, just you and me.”


"We could leave, you know. Go far away. Maybe to where I am from, New Orleans."

“They would still find us…we would be hunted down like animals.”

“Then we’ll go somewhere they would never find us. Like a deserted island in the South Pacific. We would be alone, but we could be together and happy.”

“Ok I think it’s crazy and a long shot, but it’s the only plan we got I guess.”

“Ok so for now we have a backup plan hopefully we won’t need it.”

“Serena won’t like this, she thinks I’m getting in too deep and I told her to give me three days to kill you and said I would do it, but she’s my best friend so she might at least try to understand and besides she already knows that we are in a relationship…well, sort of.”

“Yeah, Celeste won’t be happy either. She probably told David, she shares most things with him, he probably knows all about you by now.”

“How do you think they will react?”

“Honestly, I’m not sure I mean they’re not going to be happy but I think I can convince David that you’re not a threat. He used to hunt vampires when he was human too so he would probably be more understanding and he could convince Celeste.”

“Serena doesn’t trust monsters and least of all vampires, but on the other hand she’s already promised to cover for me with you so I just need to make sure she keeps it.”

There is another loud thunder clap from above louder than before and it sounds like the rain is coming down a lot harder too.

"The storm's getting worse. I don’t think we’ll be going anywhere tonight.” I say.

“Well then we might as well settle in.” Shaylyn said crossing the room and somehow grabbing some cots blankets and pillows with one hand while still holding the blanket closed around her with the other.

When she knelt down to arrange the bedding I noticed her wince and I felt my heart sink a bit as the memory of our fight and the blow I landed to her ribs rose to mind.


She looks up at me from her kneeling position on the floor and I can see a bruise from where I elbowed her beginning to form under her right eye.

I kneel down next to her and cup her face gently placing my hand over the bruise, she flinches at first, but then leans into the touch.


Draya’s cold palm against my face was like a ice pack soothing the injuries that I had sustained to the right side of my face.

“I’m so sorry.” Draya said, she sounded like she was about ready to cry and her voice was absolutely filled with obvious remorse.

“It’s okay, we were fighting…I was trying to kill you, you were only defending yourself, and honestly I got worse injuries than this during sparring matches in training.”

“Forgive me when I say that it doesn’t make me feel any better about being the one who did this.” she said her voice soft.

“I dislocated my shoulder twice.” I say trying to emphasize the fact that any injury sustained in our fight was superficial.


“Once when I was seven and again when I was nine and technically I didn’t dislocate it the person I was sparing with did…Lonnie could be a real bitch.”

Draya says nothing for a few minutes so I break the silence “Compared to Lonnie this is nothing.”

“What about your ribs?”

“They’re fine.” I lied not wanting to upset Draya further.

Draya glared at me “Do not lie to me.”

She didn’t raise her voice but her tone was stern and left no room for argument.

“Their a little sore…maybe bruised, but I’m fine.”

“Shaylyn let me help you… I’m not going to try to touch you inappropriately, you can just guide my hand to where it’s the most sore and that’s where my hand will stay I promise.”


Shaylyn didn’t say anything for a while; it looked like she was thinking really hard about my offer. Finally after what seemed like hours but was probably only a minute she answered. “Okay… and you promise you won’t touch anywhere except where I place your hand?”

“I swear…unless you want me to.” I teased with a suggestive tone and flirtatious smirk.

“Keep dreaming vamp.”

Normally the comment would have been offensive but the way she said it was playful and affectionate and so it was more a term of endearment than an insult.

She took my hand placing it on her stomach before sliding it over to her ribs. She winced slightly at the contact but then sighed in contentment. We stayed like that for a long time until Shaylyn spoke “Can we lay down? I’m getting tired and my legs are cramping up from kneeling so long.”

”Sure we can…if you like you can rest your head on my hand so it keeps contact with the bruise and I could still rest my other hand on your ribs.”

“That’s not necessary they’re both a lot better now and anyway I would kind of like it if you held me; I always liked it when we would cuddle in the park.”

“Really? You would always tense up when we would cuddle.”

“Not the whole time.”

“No, but the first 10 minutes.”

“You timed it?”

“No that’s just a ballpark estimate.”

“Look…it’s a hunter thing, we don’t usually make a habit of cuddling with vampires…but I did like it.”

“Okay I can hold you.”

We laid down on the cots and pulled a blanket over us. Shaylyn laid with her back to my stomach, even though the blanket I could feel her body heat, her hair was laying behind her against her shoulder and back and I simply couldn’t help myself, I burned my face in her hair inhaling deeply letting her sent of pine and mint fill me.

"Are you... smelling me?"

“Yes, I suppose I am.”


“Because I like your sent.”

“Oh, umm, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Then we were silent for a while and my mind began to wander. I thought about how complicated our lives had suddenly become. Part of me wished things could go back to being simple and I thought back to where this all started, with that perfect kiss on the bridge.

“What are you thinking about?” Shaylyn asked me.

“The first time we kissed.”

“We never should have kissed…that was our first mistake.”

My heart squeezed painfully when she said that “I don’t think it was…it felt right to me.”

She sighs “It felt right to me too. Draya I love you but I am trying to figure out how we make this work, there are so many complications and that’s not just counting the vampire, and hunter stuff but society too nobody would ever except our relationship.”

I pull Shaylyn closer to me and hold her just a little tighter. "Stop trying to figure everything out. Just focus on now. You can relax. We're safe here. Well figure this all out in the morning; together.”

“How can you be so calm?”

“I feel safe with you…I love you and maybe I’m naive but as long as we have each other we’ll make it through this somehow.”

“We don’t live in a fairy tale Draya. We can’t just count on true love to fix everything.”

Now I am frustrated with how pessimistic Shaylyn is being “Of all the people in the world I could be stuck with…” I fume trailing off.

Silence fell over us for a moment then Shaylyn let out a deep sigh “This won’t be easy.”

“The most worthwhile things never are.”

“And we’ll have to be careful.”

“Of course.”

"I don't have a plan, but we'll figure it out…together." She says.

“Together.” I confirm.

Silence falls once again but it doesn’t last very long “I’m exhausted…It’s been a long exhausting night.” Shaylyn says with a deep and heavy breath.

“You should sleep my fearsome little hunter.” I say affectionately.

“What about you? I know you don’t technically need sleep but you must be tired too.”

“You need it more than me. I would much rather stay awake and watch over you and make sure the fire doesn’t go out and I can hold you most of the rest of the night. I can always sleep when I get home tomorrow…you know we have to go back…face our friends and family.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Don’t worry about it tonight, go to sleep I’ll be here when you wake up.”


“I promise.”


I alow my eyes to slip shut and my mind to drift. I can feel the warmth coming off the fire and I feel Draya begin to run her fingers through my hair with one hand while still holding me with the other. I alow my self to fall into complete relaxation; in this moment in time I felt content and happy, so for right now I’m not going to worry about tomorrow or how everyone else will react or how Draya and I will make this work, no those were problems for future Draya and Shaylyn, so for tonight I am going to let the rest of the world fade away until all that is left is Draya and my self and with those thoughts I drifted off to sleep.

I wake up the next morning, I could tell from the silence in the room that the storm had ended at some point which I was glad for, I didn’t want to have to walk home or anywhere for that matter in the rain. I was encircled by Draya’s arms and I feel her breath against my ear as she whispers “Good morning my fearsome little hunter.”

I smile before I snuggle back down under the blankets “Five more minutes.” I mumble.

“No the sun is up and we should be too. I got dressed while you were still sleeping so get up and get dressed then we can go get some breakfast.”

I grumble inaudibly before conceding ”Fine…close your eyes please.”

“Prude” Draya teased but closed and covered her eyes all the same.

I get up and get dressed quickly “Ok you can open your eyes now.”


I opened my eyes and smiled at her “How about we get this stuff put away before we leave?” I say getting up and gesturing to the bedding we had used last night.

“Good Idea.” Shaylyn said.

I help her fold the blankets and re-stack everything against the wall then we put out the fire burning lowly in the stove before we went around blowing out all the candles and extinguishing the lantern last after making our way to the door.

We exit and make our way to the window we came in through. I can see sunlight filtering in through the dusty window panes. Shaylyn climbs through first and then helps me up and we climb out of the window well.

Before we leave Shaylyn covers it up with the old wood pallets again.

Silence fell over us as we walked hand in hand, it was tense and I didn’t know what to say. Everything about our relationship had changed literally overnight and the simple light hearted conversations we used to have didn’t seem appropriate now; thankfully Shaylyn broke the silence “So where are we going?” She asked.

“Sal’s cafe, we can get something to eat and figure some of this out before we go home. I never thought I would dread going home how about you?” I ask.

“No, I never thought I would either.”

I look at Shaylyn her face is solemn, I give her hand a reassuring squeeze and she looks at me “Well get through it together.” I say with gentle confidence in an attempt to ease her mind.

She nods “Together.” she agrees squeezing my hand back and then smiles and I smile back.

Silence settled over us again, but it was lighter this time, no tension in the air this time, no it was peaceful and pleasant and so the rest of our journey to sals cafe was actually quite enjoyable.

The cafe was relatively busy but that was expected, luckily there were two seats open by the counter. “Early morning Annie?” Sal asks coming over to me from behind the counter.

“Something like that…it’s complicated.” I replied.

“Relationship trouble?” He said casting a glance at Shaylyn.

“Like I said Sal it’s complicated but Shaylyn and I are going to figure it out so no worries.”

“Well, what can I get you?”

“The usual except add a fried egg sandwich to the order.”

“And for you little lady?”

“The same except…”

“You take your coffee different…Annie takes her coffee with 2 sugars 1 cream you take yours with 2 creams no sugar. I got a memory like a steal trap.” he said walking away to prepare our orders, then Shaylyn asked me an unexpected question “Why does Sal call you Annie?


“When we met you said everyone calls you Draya but Sal calls you Annie.”

“Sal is the only one allowed to call me Annie. I have come to learn that if you get a special nickname from Sal then you wear it with pride; like a badge of honor.”

“You think that Sal would give me a nickname?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he gives you a nickname before we leave today.”

“Does he know about… you know…what you are?

“He knows, but we can trust Sal.”

“How does he know? I am assuming that you didn’t just tell him.”

“No, I didn’t tell him. The fact is that he was a vampiress’s consort that automatically made him coven. I knew the vampiress in question, her name was Kate, she was very sweet, never said a unkind word to anyone and always the first to lend a helping hand and the love she shared with Sal it was the stuff of great love stories but it ended in tragedy, their home caught fire while they slept, it was nearly engulfed by the time they woke up, as they tried to escape a beam fell and Kate was pinned beneath it in such a way that she could not lift it off even with her enhanced strength and Sal couldn’t lift it being only human himself. I am sure he was ready to die along side Kate but somehow she convinced him to save him self and leave her behind. I am certain that day still haunts him and will for the rest of his life. After Kate’s death some members of the coven broke ties with Sal while others like me remained good friends with him.”

“Do you know how the fire started?”

“No, that is a complete mystery…although hunters are the main suspects, but we have no proof that any hunters were involved and even if there were it wouldn’t change anything.”

“If it’s any consolation I am sorry especially if hunters were involved.”

I smile at her “I appreciate that and I am sure Sal would too.”

She smiled back at me we were silent for a little while before she asked “So how much of what you told me is true?”

“Never actually told you any lies I mean maybe just one and that was only by omission”

“And which was that?”

“My age I’m 17”

“And how long have you been 17?”

“Well…what month is it?”


“About 75 years… technically I am not yet even considered a fully fledged vampire we’re fledglings until 100 years after being turned, by that time you should have learned how to use all of your powers and have your blood lust under control.”

“I didn’t know that, I mean I knew that a new vampire stayed with their sire for a long time but what you just told me was never covered in training I figured that once you were turned that was it.”

“Well seems hunters don’t know everything.”

“Seems there’s a lot of things we don’t know.”

“So what about you any lies you want to confess?”

“Just one…I’m not in my early twenties I’m only 15.”

“No way, you do not look 15.”

“I know, I have always looked older than my age but that helps with undercover hunts.”

At that point Sal sets our drinks and plates in front of us “Enjoy ladies.”

“Thank you Sal.”

I can’t think of a time that I have ever been so thankful for human food since I had turned. My mind was longing for the feel good hormones that would release with eating. Although it may not seem like it my mind was a whirlwind of emotions most of which were conflicting and confusing. I was happy, in truth every time Shaylyn was near me I was happy, happier than I have ever felt before but I was also worried, not so much about myself no it didn’t matter what Celeste or David thought I didn’t care what the repercussions would be, if I was exiled and lost my coven I don’t care I would still have Shaylyn and she was enough but Shaylyn didn’t have that luxury she was risking nearly everything to be with me and honestly I felt guilty for putting her in that position. If I weren’t so selfish I would’ve ended things last night then left and gone to ground like Celeste wanted to. It made me frustrated with myself because I love Shaylyn and only want her to be happy and safe but could she truly ever be either of those things with me and the very likely possibility that she wouldn’t be made me sad and my heart heavy. On the other hand the decision wasn’t completely in my hands Shaylyn could very well have killed me and been done with it and gone on with her life but she didn’t she was quite possibly having a similar internal conflict and dilemma as I was.

I look over at Shaylyn and can’t help but smile. I could gaze at her forever and never get bored.

“Why are you staring at me? Do I have egg yolk on my face or something?” She asks when she noticed me staring.

I chuckle “No I just like looking at you.”

Shaylyn blushes and I still find it absolutely adorable.


I feel my face heat up, God it was ridiculous how easily Draya could get me to blush. I try to ignore it and continue to eat my fried egg sandwich, it was strange how simple things feel right now when in reality things were far from simple and probably wouldn’t be for a long time.

In an attempt to organize my thoughts I revert to a habit I developed as a kid and started listening facts:

My name is Shaylyn Bell.

I was born August 25, 1931.

My parents are Patrick and and Emily Bell.

We are a family of monster hunters.

I have been training since I could walk.

I became a cadet when I was five and trained among other children my age to become an elite hunter and soldier of The servants of Salus.

Salus is the goddess of safety and welfare, in Roman religion.

I was officially sworn into The servants of Salus when I was ten.

My best friend and partner is Serena.

We have been hunting and killing monsters together for the past five years.

I failed my most recent assignment.

My most recent assignment was Draya.

Draya is not evil.

I am in love with Draya.

It is dangerous for Draya and I to be together.

I don’t care I want to be with her anyway.

My life has forever been changed.

I still don’t care I want to be with Draya.

I love Draya.

I am brought out of my thoughts when Draya speaks “So now what?”

“What do you mean exactly?” I asked.

“Well I know we have to tell our friends, but what about after that?” She specified.

“I suppose that all depends on how they react.” I said with a shrug.

“Look, in my case it doesn’t matter, I can get by without my coven if that is what it comes down to. I could go back to New Orleans, I still have a house there that I own and plenty of money but you don’t have that luxury so promise me that if things go south for you that you will come to me immediately and I will take you away from here and we’ll stick to our plan okay?” She said pleadingly.

“Okay, I promise…you don’t have to worry about me I’m a big girl and I can handle things on my end just fine.”

“I just want you to be safe…and happy and if I can make that happen for you I will.”

“I know and I want that for you too…I want that for us.”

She smiled and I couldn’t help but smile back

“Now that that part is out of the way let’s figure what we can now.”

“Well first off if we are going to make this work no more lies, no more secrets." I stated firmly.

“Agreed and speaking of I might have some secrets I have to confess to…” she took a deep breath and then continued “…that first night we met I was hunting…my original plan was to compel you and feed from you.”

“I figured as much.” I say with a shrug.

“It doesn’t scare you?” Draya seemed a bit surprised by my response.

“You’re not the first vampire I hunted so no. What scared me was when I started falling for you that night and then when you kissed me I was doomed however I didn’t know we would end up here, but I am glad we did.”

“That reminds me why can’t I compel you?”

“That would be the regular doses of vervain tea that I take with my meals, it tastes awful, bitter, but worth it. It makes me immune to all vampire powers and if not all then at least most of them.”

“Vervain?” Draya questions with a raised eyebrow.

“It’s a plant.” I explain

“I know what it is I just didn’t know it was one of our weaknesses.”

“Well seems vampires don’t know everything.” I said using the phrase that she had previously said to me but then she did the same responding with “Seems there’s a lot of things we don’t know.” then she continued asking “So are there any other effects vervain has other than blocking our powers?”

“Well if you touched it it would burn you and it would make you extremely ill if you ingested it I’ve even seen some vampires pass out.”

“Well that’s just perfect a plant that can burn us like silver and poison us like dead man’s blood that’s just fantastic.”

“Sorry.” I said softly.

“Don’t be you weren’t the one to create our weaknesses, the knowledge of the creation of vampires is vague and except for the Queen not many vampires are old enough to remember the whole story, but the basics is that the first vampires were witches killed by hunters and brought back to life using dark magic…blood magic so I guess that witches are to blame for our weaknesses.” she explained. I wasn’t entirely sure how to respond but considering she shared the vampires origin I could share the origin of the hunters as well.

“The first record of Hunters were Roman knights that worshipped Salus the goddess of safety and welfare in fact we still call ourselves the servants of Salus.” I explained then she asked a question I was not expecting.

"Do you think I'm a good person?"

"You're not a bad person, you're just a little lost." I answered sincerely.

“Am I though? Because it seems like you found me.” she said her tone was soft and yet it held a hint of humor and I think she might have been trying to flirt with me a little bit, but I didn’t take the bait and answered seriously

“Maybe you need to find yourself.”

“I suppose you’re right. The truth is before meeting you I haven’t felt like myself since my parents died and I left New Orleans. My mother passed first and my father fallowed not long afterward and then I had to leave. I faked my death for the first time and went to France with Celeste. The more we moved and changed identities as needed I think more and more of me slowly slipped away. I started just existing without really living. I stopped caring about a lot of things and I began hunting to feed because when I would hunt I would feel something. It’s hard to describe the feeling but it was the closest I could get to alive. Then you came along and you made me feel not just alive but happy and I started to feel like me again and I wasn’t stuck in a world that I had no place in I finally belonged somewhere. I think I needed that. I just want to belong somewhere again. Or to someone, I guess."

“You want to belong to me.”

It wasn’t a question but Draya answered anyway “Yes if you’ll have me.” she said sounding hopeful.

“Absolutely, but on one condition. I want to belong to you as well. You are mine and I’m yours, forever.”

“I think I can live with that.” she said grinning at me with equal parts humor and affection and then she leans in and kisses me gently her lips soft against mine.

“I can’t think of a life that doesn’t have you in it.” I said when we broke the kiss.

She smiles before saying “We could be an epic novel of forbidden lovers, like Romeo and Juliet, just without the dying in the ending part.”

I can’t help but to laugh “Yes definitely skip the dying bit.” I said and we both laughed.

"Do you ever think about the future?" She asked me once we had stopped laughing.

“Sure a lot actually. Don’t you?”

“No, not in a long time. When you realize that unless you get decapitated or trapped in a fire that you’re pretty much going to live forever the future it doesn’t matter as much anymore. Humans have hopes and dreams about things they want to do and see before they die, me I have all the time in the world to do and see whatever I want. I have endless lifetimes to see the world and experience what the world has to offer, but once I do those things…seen everything, then what is left after you’ve seen and done everything ? So it just stopped mattering I guess, but I would like to know what your hopes and dreams are.”

“Well, I don’t want to be a hunter forever. I always hoped that one day I could leave the hunter life behind and find someone I could settle down and build a life with have kids be a mom, but the sad truth is that I don’t think I will ever get out of the hunter life not completely anyway. I know what’s out there and I would probably end up training my children the way my parents trained me. I don’t think that I would want them to become hunters unless that is what they wanted, but they deserve to have the opportunity to live a normal life. I wasn’t given a choice I did what was expected of me until now…because what is expected of me is to kill you and I won’t do that.”

“I’ve never given much thought to others’ hopes and dreams, but when you talk about yours, I want them all to come true. I just want you to be happy, even if your happiness doesn’t include me, I just want you happy.”

"I already made my decision, you're not going to change that." I said and it made Draya smile.


I smile at Shaylyn’s words. I was glad that she seemed to want to be with me as much as I wanted to be with her. “What do you feel about this whole situation right now?”

“Right now my emotions are complicated because I’m happy yet sad and worried and scared yet hopeful and confident and that’s all very confusing.”

“I know what you mean I have a lot of conflicting and complicated emotions too.”

“Do you really believe we can make this work?” Shaylyn asked.

“Yes, I have to because the only thing that makes sense to me anymore is us. Any conflicting thoughts or feelings don’t matter, but being with you that is all that matters”

Shaylyn was quite for a long time, she sighed and says “Do you think we can stop by the park before you take me home? I left my sword there last night.”

“Sure I should probably get the knife back too I borrowed it from David.”

We finished the rest of our breakfast in silence, I paid and as we left the cafe Sal called “Take care Annie and you too little Lyn.”

“Told you that he would give you a nickname.” I said to Shaylyn with a smile.

The walk to the park was made in silence but I think Shaylyn and I were both too much in our own minds to try to carry on a conversation anyway. When we arrived at the place where our small battle took place it didn’t take us long to find our weapons.

“This is going to need some maintenance.” Shaylyn said with a sigh.

Meanwhile I am peering into the fountain reservoir in an attempt to locate the knife. Once I locate it I realize that it is impossible to reach with out having to climb into the reservoir. I really don’t want to have to do that, but as it turns out I didn’t have to as Shaylyn walked over and used her sword to slide the knife closer so I could easily reach it.

“Thanks.” I say with a smile before reaching into the cold water to retrieve the knife and then placing it in the inside pocket of my jacket. Shaylyn slides the sword inside her jacket.

“How do you carry that in your jacket? Do you just have like a really big inside pocket or something?”

“Not exactly…” she said and opened her jacket to reveal a leather sheath sewn into the lining of her jacket “…most hunters clothes are costume made to conceal some type of weapon.” She explained

“I have to remember not to let my guard down around you.” It was ment to be a joke

But Shaylyn apparently took it seriously “I would never hurt you Draya.”

"What if I hurt you?" I asked because secretly I was afraid that I might hurt Shaylyn not intentionally of course but the potential of doing so was there nonetheless.

“The truth is being with you scares me. But not being with you…terrifies me.”

“Your heart is too pure for me.”

“As I said before I already made my decision, you're not going to change that."

“Kiss me and promise me a forever.” I say

She smiles at me before pressing her lips to mine I wrap my arms around her pulling her closer and kissing her back. I feel like the world could end at this very moment and I would be fine with that just so long as I had Shaylyn in my arms as we kissed.

After awhile we broke the kiss and stood there with our foreheads resting against one another’s.

“I should probably get you home won’t your friend start worrying about you?”

“Yeah probably.”


We held hands the entire walk back to my apartment well, almost. Draya stopped halfway across “It’s probably best if you go the rest of the way on your own…It's not safe for people to see us together, at least for right now."

“You’re probably right.” I say with a sigh looking twords my apartment but not making a single move towards it. I dreaded the conversation that would inevitably take place between Serena and myself and I dreaded her reaction. After all my rigorous training as a child and all the battles, fighting and killing monsters and yet this was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life so far.

I feel Draya put her arms around me. “You going to be ok?” She asked me.

“God I hope so.”

“Look, whatever the outcome good or bad give me a call after you finish talking to Serena okay? My phone number is 555-2840.”

“555-2840 got it and yes I will call you I promise.”

“Okay. I will probably wait until tomorrow to tell Celeste and David.”

“Why’s that? I asked.

“Because if things don’t go well we might be running tonight in which case scenario I would send Celeste a letter. Just a simple don’t worry about me I’m okay type of message. If I attempted to talk to her she would try to stop me and that would waste time we don’t have…but we don’t know what’s going to happen yet so hope for the best but prepare for the worst yes?”

“Yes.” I answered.

Draya moves so she is standing in front of me her hands on my shoulders, the next thing I know her lips are pressed firmly against mine. I am immediately kissing her back. And it feels as good as the first one. The same most wonderful, beautiful, incredible, amazing, perfect kiss and I didn’t want it to end.

Then her hands which had been gripping my shoulders moved one going to the small of my back pulling me closer the other went to the back of my head tangling her cold fingers in my shoulder length chestnut color hair just like last time and also like last time my arms go around her, my hands coming to rest just below her shoulder blades and tangling my own fingers in the long jet back tresses of her hair.

God this feels so right; everything about this feels so right and good no way is this wrong. I don’t care what anyone says I can have this…I can allow myself to enjoy and have this.

The moment ends when Draya slowly pulls away and we are both breathing hard she rests her forehead against mine.

“You should go to your apartment now.”

“I know but I don’t want to.”

“I know you don’t but we both have to face this eventually it will inevitably come out anyway in the end best they hear it from us.”

“You’re right I know you are it’s just some part of me feels like a traitor and Serena is my best friend and I don’t want to hurt her but I know this inevitably will and I don’t know for certain what this is going to do to our friendship and honestly it’s just a bit frightening.”

“I’m not going to tell you not to worry or that everything will be okay because I can’t garentee that but what I can promise is what ever happens I will be here for you no matter what and you can always come to me for anything even if all you need is a hug because I love you and I will always be here for you come hell or high water.”

I smile at her “Thank you Draya I love you so much and I am glad I can count on you.”

“You need to go now my fearsome little hunter.”

I nod and walk to my apartment building casting one more glance at Draya still standing on the bridge before going inside.

I enter my apartment, kick off my shoes and call out “I’m back.” as I make my way to the bedroom. When I enter Serena is sitting cross legged near the end of her bed apparently doing some gun maintenance; the disassembled parts of a revolver laid out in front of her.

“About time you got back I was worried I was going to have to call in and organize a searching party if you didn’t come back by tomorrow night.”

“Sorry Serena I got caught in the storm and had to spend the night at one of my safe houses.”

“At least you’re back…that bruse under your eye…is that from Draya? Did you fight? Did you finally finish the job and kill her?”

“Yeah, about that…” I say walking into the room and sitting on my bed “…we need to talk.”


Story continues in Forbidden Love Part 1

I know it took awhile but here it is the long awaited part 2 I hope you guys enjoyed it and I apologize for it taking so long but my life has just been a bit of an emotional roller coaster right now and the stress was taking it’s toll but things are looking up

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