I thought my instructor said I had the easy job today, but I know she’s just taking it out on me when I won at bowling night. That’s alright, I’ll make sure to surprise her with something later.

Now how the hell do I get out of this vent again?

Squirming her way inch by inch, Talia steadies her breathing making sure no sound is heard by the guards below her. She was picked for this job only because of her petite size and mouse like silence she is capable of executing.

People told her all of the time how quiet she was and how loud she needed to learn to be or how she needed to speak up (thanks dad) but she kind of liked scaring the wits out of her loved ones popping up only to ask them simple questions but startling them instead or not letting her existence be known to others until they turn and see her standing right there scaring the living crap out of them. It fills her with joy every time.

She’s almost to her exit keeping up on the minimum noise with the help of her body suit only to hear one guard below begin yawning, starting to stretch, long enough arms coming up swiftly but gently hitting the top of the vent where she’s laying.

Talia stops every motion in her body but her heart is going a million miles a minute praying that she doesn’t give away her position.

His arms fall to his side once more gesturing to the others how he’s going for his break.

You know even if that was the luckiest thing that happened to me today, I would’ve loved it if total destruction would have happened only because my romantic butt would have been taken over by some strong man’s arms catching me mid fall and then my heist life could end there and maybe have a happily ever after but instead here I am still in this vent trying not to die overexerting my poor heart.

Exiting the vent was a breaze with all the flips and slow come downs with my slim arms and legs but keeping my stomach from growling once I realized I had no snacks on this trip was the challenge that broke me.

Talia had high hopes of focusing and bee-lining it to the boss’s bedroom to switch some paper with codes on it but it all went sideways when the one and only showed up.

“ Talia.”


“Always a pleasure.”

“Can’t say the same.”

Talia pushes pass Arron, ignoring his stupid smirk.

Arron always thought he had Talia under his spell with his blonde hair, brown eyes and strong jawline but he was quite mistaken.

His personality won him the title of “Complete Asshole” in her eyes with much backed-up experience whenever she worked with him in the past.

“That’s alright, I know you’ve missed me.”

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