“HEY GET BACK HERE,” said about a dozen skeleton guards with raspy voices.

”AHHHHHHH,” I screamed. (Not like a girl, totally)

— How did I get into this situation you ask? I’m not sure ASK MY STUPID HEARTLESS SYBLINGS! Anyways, after Judge Judy and his friends or husbands (idk they seemed pretty close) sent me to the City of Death to “repent my sins, (uwu I'm a super important old dude).” I was stuck with a bunch of whiny idiots. And no, not Travis, just whiny dead people who want to make my life miserable with crying and fe- fee- Give me a second- feellliinngs- AK BLEG. For example there's only COLD WATER to shower. AND THE ONLY FOOD IS DRY MEAT. So I planned my escape… run. It was pretty easy honestly. —

—— —— —— ——

Part 2 of The Ascent

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