D&M Fireworks (Davian)

Maisie smiles over at me as we sit in the cold truck.

“It’s a beautiful night,” she says.

I nod, staring into her perfect eyes. She’s so beautiful, I can’t even bring myself to smile.

Maisie looks over her shoulder, smiling as she turns back to me. “Hey, why don’t we watch the fire works from the—“

“Back of the truck?” I finish her sentence.

Maisie nods brushing her bangs out of her face. “Yeah.”

We climb out of my old truck. Making our way to the back. It’s pretty dirty, my brother doesn’t let me park it in the garage so it’s been having a rough life in the driveway.

“Sorry about the mess,” I say as we climb into the back.

Maisie sits on the tail gate as I settle mysel next to her.

“I’m not picky,” Maisie whispers.

I half smile, my eyes glued to Maisie’s. Even though it’s pitch black out here and I can’t see anything. I can see Maisie. I’ll never forget her sweet smile, or the way her eyes shine when she’s happy.

A soft breeze blows a strand of Maisie’s hair into her face. Before she can lift her hand to brush it behind her ear my hand is already grazing her cheek.

I tuck her hair behind her ear, unable to look away from her eyes.

Maisie leans close her cold hand wrapping around my neck as she kisses me.

When she pulls away, my hand is still gently touching her cheek.

“What was that for?” I mumble, my nose gently brushing hers.

Maisie smiles. “I didn’t want to wait.”

I laugh, bringing my other hand to her cheek as the a huge burst of colors light up the sky behind us.

Our lips touch just as another explosion lights up the field.

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