killers lair

“so who’s going to die today” i say as i point at my victims in my lair.

“eenie, meenie…. minnie….. or mo”

i point at each of the women sat in the glass boxes. faces filled with fear. my perfect little victims. i taunt them with a knife dragging across each surface. scraping sounds filling the air.

these women who rejected me, they will feel pain forever…. the one i pick today is…..


i point to my first wife. her long hair flowing down her shoulders. her beautiful doll like face looking up at me.

as i unlock the latch and place the knife on her neck i whisper “this is what you get for cheating on me, stupid cow”

the last thing the entire room sees is the blood seeping out her wounds as she cries out in pain from the revenge i have given her.

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