Die For You - For Caralia🫶🏼

For Caralia🫶🏼 - I hope you like it!


I’m trying to understand

What I feel when I’m next to you

I just can’t say I don’t love you

Cause’ I love you

It’s hard for me to communicate

When you smile like that

But tonight I’m gon’ let you know

That I love you

You know what I’m thinking

I see it in your eyes

You know that I want you

So badly every time

I’m scared that I’ll miss you

Till’ the end of time

I try to find a reason

For you not to be mine

It ain’t workin’

Cause’ you’re perfect

And I know

That you deserve it

I can’t walk away!

Even if you don’t want me

Even when you’re hurting, baby

Just know that I would die for you

Just know that I will always be there for you

Cause I can’t take away this pain forever

And you won’t find no one that’s better

Cause I’m perfect for you baby

And you’re worth it

Baby I would die for you

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