creeks ๐Ÿ˜‹



all the same.

when it was raining the creek would swell and start rushing fast ryl would sit beside it until it rose high She would slid back until the water was at my truck tires the way it kept coming and pushing thru bushes and grasses was so strong i would sit and watch her sometimes minos would swim to her bcus she was like a shield 4 them.

she would scoop them up and dig them a whole to keep the rad waters away for a little the way the creek rushed and destroyed everthing in its path remindes me of her when shes mad the way it moved was like a storm the roaring sound and her seemed to connect it brought out the diff in her eyes.

mountain streams are the same wayy ,a force in the earth that roars and sumtimes destroys stuff in Its way like a tiny storm

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