Rowan The Fortnite Guy

Rowan was just a 15 year old boy who liked playing fortnite. It wasnt an obsession or anything. He didn’t play Fortnite 24/7. It was just a simple pastime he indulged in every now and again while he balanced his school life and home life.

One day Rowan decided to post one of his Fortnite clips just for funnies. Unexpectedly, the video gained mass popularity of an inconceivable caliber. The spectacle received one billion views in under 20 seconds. Rowan was an overnight sensation with his Fortnite commentary and unmatched gaming prowess. The whole world wanted to know Rowan’s secret.

A few paparazzi sprinkled into Rowan’s neighborhood. They started taking pictures of his house, and when Rowan went outside to investigate the commotion, the flashing photography only got worse. The incessant camera shutters sent Rowan into a queazy daze.

He shouted from the rooftops and saided what needed for him to be said: “Please stop taking photos of me! I am just a boy!”

The paparazzi did not comply, nor did they conform to the societal standards of being functioning citizens.

Rowan had had enough. He started throwing punches into the crowd of paparazzis. One landed on a man by the name of Conway Dornham, who was instantly knocked out cold. It was later confirmed that he died 2 minutes after receiving the knuckle sandwich.

Rowan mercilessly beat the crowd to a bloody pump without a morsel of forgiveness, one punch landing after another onto the unsuspecting ne'er-do-wells.

20 deceased and bloodied bodies laid strewn beneath Rowan’s feet. He stood atop the pile and vigorously shouted, “come at me, you cowards! I’ll kill you all!”

And Rowan did in fact kill every last person on Earth. The end!

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