Wish Of Life

If wishes fell like rain, then certainly I am a storm.

If wishes fell like rain, I would lay outside and drown while others seeked shelter from the cold.

If wishes fell like rain, I would hold the umbrella upside down and watch it fill with dreams.

Dreams of mine, dreams of others, dreams of the impossible.

I wish I could communicate with others, communicate my wants, my needs, my worries.

But if that can’t happen then I wish people could understand what I’m trying to say when words don’t form and sink back down, making the weight of everything harder to carry.

But that may be far fetched, so I wish for friends, people who don’t have to understand me to understand that I’m still a person.

But that wish never came true, so I wish people could cut into my body, watch the blood communicate for me, sometimes that’s how fair it takes for people to understand.

But people don’t like blood, so I just wish that maybe in another life I will be the person I wished I was in this one.

And if that wish doesn’t come true it won’t matter, because memories of past lives are rare so I won’t know the wish never came true.

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