Candle Collective

The stars shine down at me and I bet you are watching them too.

When we part ways I feel like a force thats been set back on track.

That train it carries so much, but it doesn't know it carries the one

who's running away.

or running towards.

Who's to say I know?

their patterns and their breaths

their footsteps and their starlight.

They're so far away now.

But you know whose close

all those strangers they hold

each other.

Hold candles to that night sky.

Illuminates their cars their rooms their walkways and their pasts.

Who's to say I know?

Who's to say I'll go?

Who's to say I'll stay, once you realize you're alive its hard stop your blood

from pumping

from moving your body

against yourself

against the world.

And everybody's moving.

And everybody's candles are aflame.

I'm watching, waiting, for mine to join them.

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