They all call me weird,

Always alone, it's clear.

Saying I should talk more,

That I don't fit in, it's a chore.

Being introverted isn't a crime,

I just need some peaceful time.

I don't hate people, please believe,

I'm not antisocial, just inclined to receive.

I can be talkative but

I'm not a fan of small talk.

I do have my friends,

You all just don't fit in that category.

How many times I've tried,

To make you understand, I've cried.

I'm an introvert, there are others like me,

Stop treating me as if I'm ill.

I get nervous and find it hard to speak,

But I don't want to, please don't critique.

It frustrates me when you all try,

To convince me that being social is the sky.

Introverts aren't weird, it's not a crime,

I won't change, don't waste your time.

I'm not anyone's puppet, can't say no cause just kind,

Don't want to hurt, that's on my mind.

Enough of this, I know what's right,

I know what I like, my inner light.

I won't follow society's rules, I decree,

Be a social butterfly, but don't force me.

I've unraveled your secrets, trust me, it's clear,

You don't know me, you should fear.

This facade of innocence is just a lie,

I'm an introvert with a watchful eye.

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