Old “Friends”

(Almost the prompt, maybe not exactly 10 years but close enough.)

“Are you gonna tell me your name or..?” I study her, from the redish hair to the messy clothes. Definitely fits her story so far. She didn’t tell me the whole thing though, I’m sure. Who just becomes a villain with no motive?

We just met though, and apparently she ‘saw something in me’. Or saw me on the wanted posters.

She grins. “Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.” She keeps walking and I rush to catch up with her. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Fay-“ I stop, it feels wrong. Even if it should’ve fit me better, I want to leave the past behind completely.


“Nevermind, call me Darkwatcher.”

“More complicated, but sure! I’m Byx!”

We keep walking along the forest path, trees stretching towards the gentle blanket of night all around us, but once we get to a crumbling stone wall she pauses.

“This is your last chance to turn back.”

I put my hands on my hips. “Or else?” What could she do to me?

“Or else you die.” Could Byx really kill me? Not here, but once I see her whole group of villains… i won’t tempt fate. What is she’s lying though?

I push my doubts aside and smile confidently. “Lead on.” She knocks on the wall, seeming to know what she’s doing. I am half convinced she’s insane as she taps rhythmically. Then a passage opens, inside the wall.

Is this illegal?

I follow her down a set of stairs, underground. The walls seem to creep in and I feel eyes watching me, but I can’t let Byx know I’m scared. I’m a villain, not a coward.

When the space opens out into a room, I take in the sight. Two boys stare at me, with weirdly colored hair, but I hardly notice them. The problem is there is a girl glaring at me.

A girl with familiar eyes.

“Fayro?” The traitor says, taken aback, eyes wide.

Well isn’t this a lovely surprise. I can’t deal with her right now, I don’t care how long it’s been. “Aw hell naw I’m leaving.” I take a step back and start to turn around. People don’t change.

“Good!” She shouts back. I flip her off as i start to leave. Byx blocks my path.

Although very confused, she manages to say, “I told you, you can’t leave…” shoot.

I glare at Rayla. She glares back. I picture her when we her kids, she had a kinder face back then.

Byx looks between us and finally asks, “umm… do you two know each other?”

Rayla rolls her eyes, her entire posture changing into that of a leaders. “Its a long-“

Cutting her off I snap, “no. I am Darkwatcher.” Rayla narrows her eyes at me. I glare right back. We don’t truly know each other anymore. After what she did to me, I doubt we ever did.

“Ok…” Byx says slowly, unsurely.

The two boys glance at eachother. The one with green hair questions, “Byx, what did you do this time?”

Byx smiles, still confused. “We have a new villain recruit! Yay… right?”

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