The Disappearance Of Existence


Is a strong word

Maybe I don’t want that

Not death in its entirety

Maybe part of it


Is a strong word

I guess I don’t want that either

Not all in it’s entirety

Definitely a part of it

I wish to be in between

Not dead

Nor Alive

Somewhere across the border

Of existence

I wish to be there

As an entity

Not someone of entirety

Just there

As a part of the world

As a part of earth

Not the people living on it

But I want conscience

I want sentience

But not in its entirety

Oh to exist without existing

As a person rather than entity

To have emotions

But not worry

Or anxiety

For there wouldn’t be worry

In a part of existence

Where there’s nothing to worry about

Other than where to travel

Without the worry of cost

No one would see me

Not that they do

No one would hear me

Not that they do

And no one would bother me

Maybe it’s not that much different

Maybe it’s just a bit better

Maybe Dead is a strong word

But so is Alive

In both their entirety

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