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Age: Young?

Specialty: Demons, darkness.

Appearance: Black hair, hanging in his eyes. Black eyes with red specks. A dark shadow swirls around him, following him around.

Descendant of: God of The Underworld (son of Hades).

Author: In the book, you play the role of a tough, heartless, cold man.

Shade: Of course.

[Emotionless, shifts in his seat.]

Author: Is this correct?

[He’s silent. The air around him as grey as ash. He sighs. Ignoring the question.]

Author: Can anyone trust you?

Shade: Never.

Author: Why?

Shade: I’m a monster, and I’m not the kind under your bed and in your stories. I’m real.

Author: Would you kill?

[Slams fists on the desk angrily, and stands. The shadows follow him swiftly as he paces. Black eyes flashing beneath his black hair.]

Shade: Stop writing stuff in the notebook.

Author: These are notes.

Shade: Fuck your notes [cold smile].



Age: Young?

Specialty: Ocean, water.

Appearance: Ocean blue eyes, sandy blonde hair, skinny, tall build.

Descendant of: God of The Oceans (son of Poseidon).

Author: So…

Sidon: You have pretty eyes [leans forward]

Author: Uh… I… yeah, th-thanks. Anyways-

Sidon: You like the ocean?

Author; I think It’s pretty- sure. But I wouldn’t swim in it. I just don’t wan- wait. Wait, I’m suppose to ask the questions.

Sidon; Hit me up.

Author; Uh… do you like Maddie?

Sidon; [big blush] What?! I mean- [Chokes]

Author; Well?

Sidon; She has nice hair…

Author; And?

Sidon; Eyes too. I guess.

Author: So?

Sidon; I don’t know. [Glances to the left]


Name: ZANE

Age: Young?

Specialty: Sky, lightning.

Appearance: Cloudy grey eyes, white hair, skinny, tall build.

Descendant of: God of The Sky (son of Zeus).

Author; Zane, how are you?

Zane; I’m doing swell, how are you?

Author; I’m fine, thanks for asking.

Zane; I’ve been called into the interview, may I ask why? [Kind, unassuming smile]

Author; I wanted to know my characters better, is it okay if I ask some questions?

Zane: Ofcourse, dear.

Author: Favorite color?

Zane; Anything to do with the sky. [winks]

Author; Favorite word?

Zane: Ah… I’d have to say… ‘Snowflake’.

Author; Haha, why?

Zane: They’re gentle, beautiful- harmless.

Author: Beautiful.

Zane: Like Maddie.



Age: 18

Specialty: ???

Appearance: Brown eyes and hair. Skinny.

Descendant of: ???

Author: Hi, Maddie.

Maddie: Hi.

Author: What are you?

Maddie: If you asked me a chapter back- I’d say ‘human’. But if you ask me now… [rubs her face and shrugs, her fingertips sparking]

Author: What was that?

Maddie: I don’t know.

Author: Why do you think you’re like this?

Maddie: I… I’m sorry- I don’t know.


“This is a preview of a book I’ve been working on. Each has their own character, attitude and gait- one to ten, what would you rate the book? Put it in the comments below. Which character do you like best?”

(I got a typewriter for Christmas. I did have an older computer but all my work was deleted from it… somehow. This is one of the book ideas I have. I’ve started printing it out already! And yes- I’m still working on the romance series Illegal Love as well.)

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