My Senses

There is no need to worry about where I will wander, for I will not walk this earth without you.

Be it up in the mountains where we are close to the sky, the stars and the moon within our grasp; surrounded by the open air, the frosty breath of altitude, amidst the grandeur of Aurora herself, but if I cannot turn to see your smile, nothing else is worth looking at.

If it is between seeing your eyes and the sun, I’ll live by the light of the moon.

Take my sight. I do not want it, not if I cannot behold my beloved.

In the depth of a valley after a spring rain, a field after a fresh cut, a bakery in the wee hours of the morning, I would trade it all for waking up enveloped in the scent of you. To inhale the soft flesh beneath your ear, where I am pressed. My nose to run up your neck, to be tickled by the hair you've grown out. Forgive me. You smell of the beginning of a long, beautiful journey.

In the warm pull of an oceans embrace, the gentle cooling breeze on a summer’s day, the satin pillowcase I lay down my head each night, all feels empty and cheap if I cannot feel your hand in mind. Fingers intertwining, palms pressed. I'll even take your clamming hand, due to my forthright behavior, than no hand at all. I would go my life without another kiss if you refused mine, for your mouth is the only one I want to kiss. To taste.

I would give up the best homemade breads and pastries, the smoothest gelatos and chocolates, the most perfectly spiced meats, the freshest of honeycrisps and romaine. They would turn to ash on my tongue. I could survive on your kisses alone.

Them and the sound of your voice. The deep, melodic tones of comfort, of reverence. You produce achingly sultry music I wish to play on repeat. Repeal from me the privilege of hearing the morning birds at dawn, an orchestra at full crescendo, a baby's first sets of gurgles. I would hear you, and you alone.

I know I make you nervous. In all my talk of forever there is you and me, and you're uncertain. But there is only love for us. There is not an existence worth pursuing, not a life worth living.

I will not walk this earth without you, my love.

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