Forgive Me

I rubbed the bottle, as a joke of course. Misty told me that it was magic but I didn’t believe her

I rubbed it for five seconds with every second passing the bottle getting hotter and hotter. I dropped it after it got so hot. It felt like a hundred degrees, leaving my hand to blister a few days later. After I dropped it a blue and purple cloud appeared, bringing forth a floating lady.

She had on a white and black top with lovely jewelry, and a faint pink sparkly lip stick. I stared into her eyes for a few minutes, in shock as to what was happening. I rubbed my eyes a few times, ‘am I hallucinating?’ I asked myself.

It wasn’t until she spoke to me, that I realize this was reality. “Hello, I’m Bianca, I’m a genie, and can grant you three wishes.” I felt the breathe come out of my lungs when I had realized, I could wish for anything. I took a few deep breaths before making my first wish.

I had always read stories of genies, and how they had wanted to be free from the genie bottle, free to live a normal life. I didn’t have any other wishes, content with my life and had no desire for endless money. “I wish to set you free”

Her eyes sparkled, and she smiled. I was so happy she would finally get to be free, until she was free.

When she was set free, she had died. Half of her soul was in the bottle, and when she was human..she perished in front of my eyes.

I sobbed for hours, wishing I would have never said the words “I wish.” I have tried so many times to find another one, to bring her back. Without success, I live with this burden.

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