My head screams no everyday

and I listen, knowing it's true

every once in a while, I doubt it,

but the voice in my head is relentless

on the other hand, my heart

jumps out of my chest.

how is it still doing this?

i don't understand anymore.

it's done it before, way before.

even when I liked other boys.

we were just kids when we met.

first grade if i remember right?

just being together

we haven't talked lately-

that's my fault

i thought i would get over u, J

really, i did

but...i didn't

i want to desperately, more than anything

but ur heart never lies

that's why im listening to it now

so, J, i tell you this through my poem

ive never gotten over u, even

when other guys came into my life

i get this sounds stupid, REALLY stupid

but, unfortunately for both of us, its...


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