Your Time Is Up, Player 4. Better Run!

“ HELP! “

I scream at the top of my lungs.


“ Player 4, your time is up. Better run! “

the voice says menacingly.

What? One hour has already passed? No, it can’t be. It felt like just a few minutes…

I look at my surroundings in the labyrinth. Stone walls. Moss. Stone walls again. There’s only two paths to choose, and one certainly leads to a dead end. No, this wasn’t like the maze runner, I had chosen this fate. The invite said the games were harmless, and what wouldn’t you do for one million dollars? But, I was tricked. Now if I pick the the wrong path, I die. But I have no time to think about my choice.

I hear the game masters voice again:

“ The monster will be lowered in the arena in



8… “

Oh no. I gasp, and squeeze my eyes shut.

“ Right. Go right. “

I hear a voice whisper in my ear.

My eyes grow wide. It had been my second game, and this wasn’t the first time I had heard it’s voice. I trust it, and go right, just as the game master announces the monster being lowered down.

“ 3



The monster has entered the arena!! “

His voice is something horrible, inhuman. He lets out a cackle after sounding out each word.It doesn’t seem real.

I ignore the growling of the monster, its claws scraping on the cage that is quickly being lowered.

But when i turn the corner, I realise it’s a dead end.

I had been tricked.

Suddenly the ground underneath me disappears, and I plummet into the darkness.

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