The Travelling Medicine Man.

“ This is the story of the travelling medicine man “

“ Is it a true story, mommy? “

The little girl asked sweetly.

“ Do you think it is? “

The mother replied.

“ How would I know? I’m only seven! “

“ Well, it’s up to you to decide if this story is true or not! “

The mother says, a big smile on her face.

“ Okay but can we start now? “

“ Of course darling. Once upon a time, there lived a young man in a small village. His dream was to become an outstanding doctor, the best in the world!”

“ did he become one, mommy? “

“ Don’t interrupt dear. You’ll see at the end. “

“ Okay. “

“ The man’s name was Marcelius. He was a nice person, but very lazy! So it was very hard for him to get into a medical school. But, he managed. The things is, in the school he never studied. He never passed the final exams, and never became a real doctor. But he needed a job, and since his parents and relatives all thought he was now a doctor, he faked his degree.

Everyone thought he was a doctor at that point, so he decided to become a travelling medic. He would travel from one village to the next, curing the sick, he thought.

But when he met his first patient, he was in drastic conditions, and the doctor didn’t know what to do. So he did nothing. “

“ But, mom! He’s going to get caught if he doesn’t cure him! “

“ Not yet, darling. Now this part is a bit scary, are you sure you would like me to go on? “

“ Yes! Yes yes yessss!! “

“ Okay. Since Marcelius was afraid of getting caught, a horrible idea came to mind, one that would change his life. That night, he would arrive dressed as a character from a traditional play in the country in disguise, and kill his patient. So that night he did it. With the golden knife of the character Edmund, from the Aristoc Tragedy, he returned to the home his patient stayed him, and pierced through his neck, leaving the victim soaking in blood.

Thoughts suddenly can to mind: what have I done? He told himself. But it was to late to turn back. Much to late.

He thought he would ignore this, try to cure some other patient. But when he left, leaving the victims family desperate, he wasn’t able to cure the next patient either. And the next after that. Or the one after that. So legend spread of murderer Edmund, with the golden knife he always left in the victims neck, precisely in the center. But people started to wonder why the murderer came only after the travelling medic would come to visit his patients.

People started asking questions, backing away from him, trying to avoid Marcelius. But the doctor didn’t give the people any time to doubt him. Because the night of his 51th patient, he committed suicide. Now they say he lives in hell, stirring in a sea of blood that came from all the people he had murdered. “

“… How did they know it was him? “

“ He forgot to take of Edmunds costume. And the golden knife was still in his hands. “

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